3d Model edits / small wg animations (Neptunia, Zelda, Xenoblade 2, Trails of Cold Steel, Danganronpa, Genshin Impact, RWBY, Tales of)

This thread has kind of outlived its purpouse since it was mostly supposed to get me some feedback as I was trying to learn how to make these edits/get used to blender. Im at a point now where Id consider them good enough to be uploaded on Deviantart. If youre interested in seeing my more recent edits be sure to check it out.

Outdated: Links to all the Animations Ive done so far:

Iris Heart:

Green Heart:


Aoi Asahina:

Chiaki Nanami:

Celestia Ludenberg:

Trails of Cold Steel 3/4:
Fie Claussel:

Fie Claussell(cleaner model+jiggle physics):
weight gain front:
walking front:
walking back:

Emma Millstein:

Xenoblade Chronicles 2:

Zelda(Zelda Skyward Sword):
Zelda (Botw):
Front: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CZUmOeGksIe0LSVEOJxbq7LXWPkJGLXc/view?usp=sharing
Back: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xFrJ4krCJ2VPi-BbtICAQZDOth3-gJf8/view?usp=sharing

Kaguya Shinomya(Kaguya sama, Love is war, model by SimplyAChair):
Front: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1spm0Oo7UUPggd_P0lsn69rYyHA80TG4_/view?usp=sharing
Back: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15oURGo9OiReCNkq875azU38zBapfhVhw/view?usp=sharing

(I dont own any of these models)

My first time posting here so…hello weight gaming ^^’
So…I picked up Blender yesterday since Im going to need it for my next semester at uni and decided to play around with it a little to learn the basics by editing a preexisting model and after a few hours this is the result:

(The character is blanc/white heart from Hyperdimension Neptunia)
I got the original model from this site: https://www.models-resource.com/
I originally intended to import the model into the game, but since my antivirus kept removing the unpacker that isnt gonna happen ^^’.
Anyhow, figured I might as well ask for some feedback since Im new to this. Any particular things that stand out that could be improved?


can you give a fat Nepu nepu?

Well…Ill have to see.
The main issue with her would be her outfit. In the case of this edit it was relatively easy to work on the proportions since her clothes are pretty much form fitting. Neptune’s outfits would be a bit of a hasstle to work with in that regard, because her hoodie’s are quite baggy and her skirt might be hard to work with, but thats primarily since I just started working with 3d models. Plus, I also have to see if Id even find the time. ^^’

ok, nice White Butt btw.

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you dont see…any fetish neptunia content really…outside of just normal lewd or non gts-feet, so this is a much unexpectedly pleasant thing to come across, we will watch your career with great interest!

Depending on the antivirus, you can whitelist the unpacker.

Ill be honest, I havent played any of the games. ^^’ One of the reasons I wanted to do this was to maybe do a playthrough with some altered models, but that probably wont happen now. Still, its some decent practice so…may as well. Ill probably still play the games, since I kinda bought the first one for this whole thing xD.

I tried, but it removes it through autoprotect, which I cant deactivate from my user account and apparently my admin account cant log into the antivirus’s account at the moment…I could probably fix it with some time, but after spending like 3 hours on trying to get that thing to work I decided I had better things to do ^^’

So…I tried ^^’

It didnt turn out quite as well as the last one I feel, for the same reason I suspected: Her baggy hoodie. Turns out its kind of hard to attempt to convert baggy clothing into a semi flat surface. I got around it a little by rigging the skirt to allow me to edit her lower body, but that mightve caused some inconsistency with the upper body. The worst offender though were her pockets…fixing those wouldve taken forever so…they look janky now ^^’.
There’s probably way better/easier way to do some of this stuff, but as I said, this is only my second attempt at doing anything with blender ^^’


it is good enough, you can try everyone’s HDD form, almost is Bodysuit.

I might do that at some point. Depends entirely on the amount of time I find myself having and if I feel like it. I tend to have a lot of fun at trying new projects and such for a time but then find myself loosing interest rapidly. So…for all I know I might end up getting another edit done before tomorrow, but it could also take a couple weeks to get to anyrthing else. ^^’ Ill probably stick to the goddess forms for now though, those are a little easier to handle than the normal outfits.

Alright here’s Black Heart, with a bit more of a belly and chest focussed gain compared to the other two. As I said before feedback would be appreciated. ^^


while I am just enjoying it and for being a rare treat and that is for sure causing bias in my “how is it”, the one thing I can say is the faces look too…unnatural, they look less fat and more like they injected growth hormones and developed babyface, I’d say maybe tone down the expansion or try to make there be some sort of definitive change to distinguish “bone” from “flesh”

Ah okay, fair enough, Ill try to see what I can do about that with the next edit…though Im not really sure how to approach that just yet. Thanks for the feedback though. ^^

@Manchura Think this is a step in the right direction or am I way off? ^^’
Sometimes its hard to tell what looks good and what looks weird if you stare at it for hours on end.
(Edit: looking at the full body, I think its a bit too stretched out vertically. The last image is a revised version)


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at least one person likes it! I cant quite tell due to those images being stuck at icon size but it’s no worries, the generic “anime 3D model” face is hard to make fat as it is, you’d probably have to physically add material and manipulate how the mouth is to make it look less…chipmunk like? again, they are all set to a small size and I am looking at what I can see, although anatomically, fat shows up more on the chin near the neck before the face so that might be part of the unnaturality of it all…that said I did find the second form to be a cool little change as well, I’d like to see how you do on different body types and different sizes to those types!

There’s a problem with the neptunia models in particular in that regard: The face, at default, is essentially a semi flat surface with a texture on top and the mouth is part of that texture. What further complicates things is that these models arent divided into seperate parts, which means when I try to sculpt something on the body/head and accidentally get over a piece of hair Ill have to redo that part of the sculpt. This is particularly difficult around the face and especially the neck.^^’

As for different body types and sizes…Im experimenting with a little more belly heavy body type on the next one atm, but there is one minor problem when going to larger sizes: The limited polygons. Essentially, after a certain point of increasing the size of one part of the model it’ll start becoming really jagged, which will make larger sizes difficult…also, making larger sizes requires more work in general, at least the way I do things right now…Doesnt mean Ill give up on it of course, but theyll take a little longer to make.

Also: How come the pictures are icon sized? They shouldnt be, at least they show up just fine for me. :o
Were the previous pictures like that too?

Here’s purple heart. I tried to go for a bigger size this time, especially on the belly…hope it payed of ^^’

As per usual, feedback would be greatly appreciated ^^
On a side note, if anyone’s interested in the actual model files, feel free to ask and Ill upload them as well.


if I can remember blender (that I have not used in YEARS) correctly, there should be a multiresolution modifier that can help with the polygon count in some regards. Also yeah I get that the neptunia models are rather flat which is why I said some massive manipulations would need to go into creating an actual fat face for them lol, honestly unless you plan on spending hours trying many advanced technique to add depth without pancaking or chipmunking them I’d focus on the more generic aspects of sculpting work and just ignore faces for now, those are generally the most brutal parts for anime sculpting anyways, more so when the neptunia series has a flatscreen face for their models.

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Duely noted ^^’
I dont really intend to go that far into things with these. Atm this is just me accustomizing myself with the basics of blender so I dont have to learn an entirely new program next semester…while also creating some fetish…art? Can you count an amateur edit of a 3d model art? ^^’
If I ever end up trying to get the faces to look adequate, itll be sometime next semester when I need to learn the advanced functionality of this program anyway.

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