3rd Anniversary of Tower of Heaven [18+ Expansion RP server]

Hello, Weight Gaming!

We’re incredibly proud to announce the big anniversary of Tower of Heaven, our expansion-oriented roleplaying server! It’s been three long but incredibly fruitful years in which we’ve managed to amass an incredibly cool community, write up some touching stories and rack up a lot of fun! ­
But we don’t come empty handed! This anniversary also brings:

  • Release of Floor 10: a land of floating islands, flying ships and mysteries hidden well beyond the vast sunset-painted horizons. Check out more details about this breath-taking location in the rulebook number 3!
  • Academia of Altargardia: a special new location and a gemstone of Floor 10, a magical academy in which you are able to gather knowledge by attending specialist classes, as well as participating in other activities,
  • Rulebook rewrite: we’ve rewritten and polished the books to make them more understandable and friendly for the players. New roleplayers will also be able to get introduced more easily by reading a special starter guide!
  • A couple smaller fixes, such as a Colosseum and Underworld rework, player market stalls, new boss log entries and some server clean-up,

    (art by Goodlew)

The detailed patch notes can be found in our server. Give us a visit!

Thank you for all the years spent together, and May The Tower Grant You Fortune!


Hello. Sorry, but i try that link and it didn’t work. Can anybody please give another one?