48hr Jam - Finito, bully me mercilessly

Salutations. Today in work I broke my foot! Yaaaaayyyy. Why am I happy you might ask? Because this means I’m on sick leave! So I decided, to work on my renpy skills for my upcoming beta release of Freshman year (link at the bottom) I will make a game, full build, in 24hrs. 1 release, coming right up.

The premise is simple, I either do it and it’s good (bonus points), it works and has some issues (expect a patch), it doesnt work and the whole thing was a waste of time, (this forum goes bye bye).

Premise will follow a similar gameplay style to AnvilandtheChipmunks’s Big aspirations (link at the end) but will by no means be a copy. Compact main gameplay loop, rng based office interactions. Full display images rather than background + character compositions that I’ve used in the past.

Should be fairly linear gameplay, female protag, protag-wg, npc wg and some side stuff. Nothing too mental or fancy, just something to keep me occupied while my ankles doing the pain and suffering

EDIT: I didn’t change the title! You changed the title! So I’ve changed the parameters to 48hrs because I ended up spending most of the day sitting around waiting to be x-rayed so I think it’s fair to add 24hrs to the challenge in lieu of the 5hrs I spent in hospital and like 10hrs I slept, considering I’ll sleep about 8 or 9 of those away it’s only a net gain of like 1hr so it’s fiiiiine…

So I am shipping this. It’s a lot emptier than I wanted but I have to do a follow up on the x-ray from yesterday and that’s gonna take up most of the evening. This is the result of 40hrs of linear time, factor in about 20hrs sleep (I’m on sick leave, leave me alone :laughing: ) 5 hrs in hospital and a combined 7 or 8hrs generating images because my internet is do-do that’s about 7 or 8 hrs of coding and yeah, it shows.

2 Notices I need to give that aren’t in the game. If you decide not to enter the building in the intro the game will just end (likely via crash)

The max size for each of the 3 characters (including player) is 320lbs, after that there is no gains for any of them and the whole thing just becomes UI simulator. PC and MAC available, I had trouble with the Android build so you’ll just have to pray Joiplay works. Enjoy my mental breakdown:


Thanks for the shoutout! I’m happy that you liked my game enough to want to take inspiration from it. Best of luck with your project!


Break a leg!
I mean…
Go you!


I don’t know if it’s the tylex talking but that made my day :laughing:

Here’s hoping it goes well!

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Any failure is an opportunity to learn something so don’t be too hard on yourself in that respect.

Have fun, experiment, learn from the results good or bad!

Best of luck with the 24h project!

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(this forum goes bye bye)

this forum going down😔

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Your strength of faith is astounding, thankyou for the support :laughing:


Hope the ankles are feelin ok. I’ll even offer 2 extra hours.

Is this… an empathy? On the INTERNET??? BLASPHEMER (many thank)

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72hr Jam coming soon

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Hahahahaha (maybe) jokes, if it isn’t finished by 00:00 13/11/2023 GMT then it aint happening

Update, main gameplay loop is implemented, art is added for 3 characters, each with a range of 3 to 8 stages. Still need to work out some of the kinks and flesh out the interactions (see what I did there?) Then to add some side stuff so it’s less of a button masher and more of an interactable experience but yeah, looks like this may actually exist by the end of the current 22hr deadline



Is this a protag-wg too?

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Yes, there are currently 2 NPC’s + Protag WG making a total of 3 characters. Protag and 1 of the NPC’s have 8 stages, npc 2 starts at stage 5 so only has 3 stages


is the protag male or female?

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female protag, our lord and saviour krod has fixed the tags on the thread


Neat, the tags on the Freshman Year forum were confusing me

for freshman year, the protag is male but there is no protag weightgain

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Ah I knew something was off, I kept confusing both of them thinking you were gonna release the first demo version of the freshman year in 48 hours .-.