A 3D Unity test project

Hey everybody.

I hope it is okay to post this as a new project, it is kind of a new project, but it is also a project based on an old topic.

Okay, so right now I am working on a small project, to test out some mechanics for a possible RPG with weight elements. Ultimately, I’ll work toward some of the ideas from an old topic I’ve created.

As a start, some of them are:

  • Movement mechanic
  • Basic needs
  • Player sizes and weight


  • Lifts/Elevators
  • Pressure plates

The vision is, that this is going to be a survival RPG like game. As for the world setting, I’m split between multiple ideas. For example:

  • The player is stranded on an island, or a green oasis like area in a desert. Could have abandoned secret facilities.
  • Moved to a city, have a small house or apartment, find work and more.
  • Fantasy world with areas to explore.

The overall genre could be fantasy mixed with modern/realistic elements.
This project is a spare time project where I learn Unity and coding. I have already a character to use. There are currently no game yet, but I hope I can come up with something. I wanted to post this, to have a goal I can work toward. :slightly_smiling_face:


For the project, i think the most unique would be the stranded island, because there aren’t many such projects having a setting like this. By the way, it’ll also be the easiest one since it does not need much events and hard mechanics, but still, it is your opinion on what idea you stick to.

P.s.: With being in the middle of the ocean, you can do it the Stranded Deep style: many small islands. It’ll help with optimization and world building.


I think this Unity project is a good idea and best of luck to you with the project.


Yo, excited for this. I think fantasy should be one of the themes and you could mix it with either of the other two if you wanted since I think that would be both cool and give a lot of flexibility to kinda do whatever and get away with loose explanations if need be.

Best of luck, dude.~

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Great interest


I like the idea of exploring random buildings for things, that’s usually a bit of fun.

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I would be down for the game to be set on a stranded island. Definitely a lot of potential there


gonna repost this on every project thread even remotely interesting


If I see it, I will


Yeah. I too have been thinking about that the island would make it more manageable. :grinning:

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