A Belly Stuffing (Maybe voreish) RPG idea

I’ve had this idea brewing for a belly stuffing themed RPG Maker game, especially after playing games such as “Vale-City” and “Big Belly Game”

I’m only going to be working on and off on it though xux I have another, much more SFW game idea I’m taking priority on with my Babe, but once that’s done I’ll focus more on this idea~

I wanna try my hand at a game like that, and I actually have the base for a possible project like that! I have the whole yanfly plugin set for MV, been tinkering and experimenting with mechanics and such for battles and events, and I want to include characters that visibly grow fatter and fuller as they eat and eat!

I’m still kind of struggling with the idea of a plot xux My Beb is helping me out by pitching ideas with me, but I still gotta figure out what I’d want in terms of world building and gameplay features and stuff.

So far the main plot is, two lovebirds, Lapis and Rosie, find themselves waking up in a strange, unfamiliar modern fantasy world, and are granted magical abilities and heightened strength to help them fight against food themed monsters! I’m taking a lot of inspiration from games like Dark Souls, and trying to translate that style of combat into a turn based RPG.

I kind of struggle with coming up with basic core ideas like a real story plot on my own xux But I find it a lot easier if I’m talking with someone and we’re pitching ideas together! If you have any advice or ideas I’d be happy to listen and respond!~


Sounds like my dream-game which I wanted to create long time ago, but gave up due to lacking of free time :slight_smile:

Well, I’m good for nothing if I’m not good for ideas, so here I go!

It was a world just like ours. There were good things like Taco Tuesdays, piano cats, and snuggles. There were not-so-good things like Mondays, stubbed toes, and starvation.

Then, just before midnight on a Saturday, a supermarket bagger witnessed the beginning of the end of that last not-so-good thing. A rift was torn from floor to ceiling in aisle thirteen, and shadows poured out of that crimson maw. The shadows leapt upon the shelves, gave up a great roar, and formed into legions of snack-food golems before the cowering courtesy clerk’s eyes.

A cohort of candy cavalry rode back through the rift, trailed by trail mix monsters and gingerbread giants, all enlarged beyond their allotted daily values. Similarly swollen soft serve slimes slithered in the wake of equally engorged eclair elephants trampling and trumpeting throughout the store, toppling shelves, spilling food onto the floor. The food sprang up and joined their brethren, cakes alongside coffee, salad alongside sausage in caloric chaos eager to free their friends–then their eyes fell upon the clerks.

At that, the food fiends fed–the kind of “fed” that requires a direct object, a recipient . . . a feedee. Not just here, not just at this supermarket that could be anywhere, but everywhere. Portals had opened up in convenience stores, in warehouses, in farms, in cafeterias, in restaurants, and in kitchens in every city, town, and village, recruiting and transporting food all over the world. No country, no community, no creature was spared the onslaught of food. Lasagnas leapt upon their creators and filled them with carbs and cheese. Thanksgiving turkeys turned the tables and stuffed mothers and wives. Doughnuts danced around piles of police officers before piling into their throats. Waistlines widened, diets were ruined, and starvation was solved overnight. Indeed, there were some who thought endless indulgence was preferable to their previous lives–some, but not all.

After all, who would go about the important business of walking dogs if no one could even stand? Who would sing if they were perpetually chomping, slurping, or swallowing in alternate? Who would make games if their fingers were too fat to write stories or code, assuming they were even able to reach the keyboard over their overburdened bellies? The rifts were welcome in some ways, but needed to be tempered in others; not everyone wanted only to eat for the rest of their lives . . . and so the world needed heroes.

There were bastions of resistance, people who had escaped the initial onslaught and had continued to evade any new rifts as they continued to open, week after week. The brainier refugees studied the rifts and the meal monsters they spawned. But science could only go so far, and soon they turned to the very energies that formed the rifts. Magic, it was called, for lack of a better word. Some scientists made medicines to speed up metabolisms, making them resilient to immobilizing obesity. Others developed havens where new rifts could not be made, and communities formed around their defenses. Still others even found ways to close rifts entirely and banish the shadows that possessed the food. But these were only enough to weather the storm. To push back the tide, the world needed heroes.

And so heroes were procured. Some were summoned, called from magical worlds through rifts not unlike the ones which brought the shadows, heroes who took the forms of dragons, elves, and fantastic creatures familiar and otherwise, creatures of immense power and appetite. Some were manufactured, ravenous humans enhanced to consume the edible armies which assailed the walls of humanity’s last bastions. And some simply appeared, imbued with strength and blessed by magic, otherworldly beings brought to this world in need . . . whether by luck, by gods, by fate, or by accident, no one could say, least of all two lovebirds who found themselves waking up in this strange and unfamiliar world. The world needed heroes, and so heroes arrived.

But where there are heroes, there are those the heroes would call villains. A doomsday cult forcing the bounty of the rifts upon the unwilling, smuggling monsters into the city. A corporation clinging to profit from selling metabolism-enhancing treatments, happy to see rifts within the walls once in a while. A shadowy beast spotted by scouts outside the city, feeding off the fattened folk fallen victim to the food-infested wilds, growing more menacing with every ounce of fat siphoned from its prey before tossing the drained creature back to the beastly feast to start the cycle anew. Yes, this world has villains in droves, so it’s a good thing there are heroes to stand–or waddle or roll–up to them: heroes who love food, heroes who love freedom . . . and heroes who simply love.


That. sounds. AWESOME!!!

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Having done my fair share of fatty rpgmaker stuff I can tell you there are easy ways and hard ways to make characters fatten up during the game. If you need advice on how to make what you want work. Let me know. I may have already tried to do the exact mechanic you’re after.


YO THAT SOUNDS SO FRRAKING GOOD + U + You do world building pretty well in just that introduction~


Im definitely looking for something like in “Vale-City” or the “Big Belly RPG” where as you level up you gain a higher stomach capacity (belly points), and for every 100 belly points you have your character visibly looks fuller and fatter

Like okay so say your max Belly points is 550. If you have 200 BP you’ll show a modestly chubby belly. At 400 your stomach is fat and full looking, and at 550 you’re overstuffed with a swollen, kinda reddish belly

Maybe if there’s a way to do it as a percentage? So like at 25% capacity your belly bloats a lil bit. 40% its looking rounder, 75% it looks full, 90% is stuffed, and 100% or beyond is overstuffed, maybe even a 125%

I’m really glad you like it~

I believe that vale city used a plug in that changed the TP bar into a fullness meter. I’m not very familiar with how that works, but it’s a good place to start.

What are you… A writer

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I just finished Vale city and it was a level system that determined how full u were like Lvl.1 Lvl.2 and so on

It was a plug in or plugins tied to a level system. The only way I can think to do that without plugins would, be daisy chain of common events. Something like every time a girl eats add an invisible status effect to her, and have the item or skill run a common event check to look for who is eating. You’ll need the common event to add a variable after that something like “character1 fullness”. After that the common event would need to check the “character1 fullness” variable to see what number it was at and set the TP bar to the right fullness, or mana if you decided not to use normal mana. Then set one last line to check level of the girl and move the tp bar down if she inst a high enough to be that full. This is all a lot of hassle though. Mana could maybe work better since it goes up when you level anyway, but I’ve never tired it. I’d say it would probably easier to find the plugins valecity used and mirror it.