A Blooming Violet [Visual Novel]

Updates in the original post! Scroll to the top for some juicy pics!

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These look nice! I like how you made both an introvert and an extrovert

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As smashmouthy as that pear may be, for an athlete, it’s an unusual body type to have (at least to begin with - are the other sizes planned going to be bigger or smaller?). That said, based on research googling and a bit of first-hand knowledge, a slightly less extreme bottom-heavy bod would make sense for a cyclist. Possibly basketball/netball if they have a bit of height, though that and things like softball and baseball tend to demand a fair bit of upper body strength.

The art style seems cool, though like I alluded something bugs me about the torso and lower half that I haven’t done enough anatomy to explain off the bat (though I’m sure there are people on dA or here that can provide advice). Still, seems promising and it’s nice to see progress and thought put in thus far.

Yeah realism isn’t exactly what I’m going for here, but you’re right I should probably have started off with some slimmer legs and smaller hips!

And as for getting the anatomy right, I’m still very much in a learning stage. I could spend a lot of more time trying to get it just right, but I think I’m just going to prioritize getting the game done in a somewhat timely manner, I’ll get the hang of it as I get more drawings done (and eventually more game projects).

Either way, thanks for the criticism, it’s never good to just have a bunch of yes-men if I want to grow as an artist!

Edit: Actually I may just change her bio about being “athletic”, as it’s not really important to the story, that’d probably make it a little less jarring with how bottom heavy she is?

As a lover of bottom heavy girls, bless you :pray:.

I’m looking forward to reading about the weight gain as well!

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Also, just out of curiosity, will there alternative/different outfits that the characters wear?

As they get bigger they’ll have to update their wardrobes, but there’re no options of choosing what to wear.

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‘Grow as an artist’. Hee.

Yeah, it’s nothing major that can’t be fixed by talking with peeps with more experience. Personally, I prefer giving characters more uh… room to grow but I know that’s not for everyone. The body shape doesn’t preclude being ‘athletic’, but their size would already be an issue (and probably something they’d be sensitive about or reactive to) depending on what they’re into.

Character design and characterisation are pretty important in a VN and there’s a lot of little things in terms of their personality and such that someone’s appearance can convey. Think of it less as ‘something I need to fix or change’ as ‘something to explain or expand (hoo) upon’ - what kind of ‘athletic’ pursuits are/were they into? Are they more/less active than when they were younger? Is it something their mother’s talked to them about/helped/with/experienced herself?

Think about how their looks affect who they are, all that good stuff. The more questions you ask or are asked, the more you have to write about and incorporate into both their design and the story itself.


So I’m currently designing one of Violet’s outfits, and I’d like some feedback.

The idea here is that as we progress through the story, her outfits will get more radical as she gains weight, tell me what you think! (Pants will be added later, this is just her top!)

  • The outfit looks good!
  • It’s okay, but it could be better. (Comment if you want to clarify!)
  • I don’t like it.

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I am not sure if you are still planning on keeping her as an athletic popular girl but if you do I think having one of her early outfits be athletic wear or workout gear would be something I would like to see. I will definitely play the game when it is released no matter what you decide to do though. If you are having trouble incorporating her sportiness into her character through the plot a combination of having her wear sports gear of some sort and occasionally mentioning she had a game that day or something while the characters are having regular dialogue could do it. If you made her get worse at her sport as she gained that would also be a nice touch I would appreciate. Everything posted so far looks great though, good luck with the project!

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Yeah I’m thinking of putting her into some other club where she’s popular instead of defining her as an athletic girl, but she’s still someone who exercises regularly with friends. (Don’t think I’ll be adding a workout outfit for her though, sorry!)

In the past she’s noticed that if she doesn’t work out regularly, her body gains weight rather rapidly, even if she isn’t eating anything too outrageous. So it would be a damned shame if she sprained her ankle. :poop:

Thanks for the comment!

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I love the idea of her fashion changing as she gains weight, but for me, the shirt just doesn’t seem like something you’d see in real life. Maybe try something such as a tied up off shoulder crop top? I see shirts like that worn all the time, and I feel it would be a radical choice for someone gaining such large amounts of weight. That’s my two-bits, keep up the solid work dude!

The reason I went with this design is because I saw that this crop top existed: Plus Size Sweetheart Midriff Cut Out Crop Top – slayboo

It’s a bit weird, and very bold, but I kind of like that I think? I’m also imagining Violet as someone who tries to push the limits so that people will have their eyes on her, she’s in the mindset that she needs to stand out for reasons that you’ll learn about in the game later on.

But I absolutely know what you mean, I imagine most plus size women would probably die of embarrassment before they’d even consider having that sort of top on themselves, exposing their bellies like that. (Whilst others might find the idea exciting, different strokes for different folks!)


Ah, I see what your going for now, and yeah definitely do what you think is best for the character :+1:

Also, it’s cool to see that I’m not the only one here looking at plus-size fashion lol. My ex was plus-size and I liked to help her go clothes shopping, so I become abnormably interested in the industry. (She, unfortunately, wouldn’t let me pick out a belly exposing top lol) but yeah, my experience gave me the idea

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Here’s to hoping that you’ll find another person in your life that’ll let you choose at least one radical outfit!

If you told me I was getting involved in trying to understand and design clothing 5 years ago I wouldn’t
have believed you, but since I started drawing I’ve had to learn a lot of different things!

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Yup, learning a new trade often involves learning quite a few things you’d never expect would be involved, like try working in a museum for a few days!

And no need to worry about me, the break up was amicable, as it was long distance between Japan and America, but boy did it hurt the first month or two lol

Sorry to bother, but I was confused when reading, is there anything playable for this yet? Looks fantastic by the way.


Been pretty quiet on this here front, so may as well give you the status quo!

I’ve written most of the story and dialogue save a few chapters, all of the weight gain sprites have been done for a while now (they’re gonna look a little dated compared to my current artworks), so all in all I’d say the game is maybe 65% done. I haven’t been working on this for a few months though, as I’ve been focusing on other stuff.

As for what’s left, I need to finish writing 2 and a half chapters, draw two fully rendered CG screens, put together a background for the starting screen, draw [REDACTED] sprite, get sound effects and music into the mix, and just general polish to make it feel a little less awkward!

As for a playable demo, I’ve had a few people play a good chunk of what there is in the game, just to gauge whether or not it’s actually enjoyable lol, and thankfully it seems that people for the most part liked it! Due to the nature of the game, I’m not gonna put out a demo for the general public since it won’t be that long of a game, and I’d rather people just play it all in it’s entirety.

To keep it short, it’s been on a small hiatus, and development will continue later at some point! It’s much to close to being finished for me to even consider dropping, and I’m still interested in working on it when I get some other things off of my plate!


Super exciting to hear. Glad you’re taking your time to keep it enjoyable, burning out is never a good feeling.


Didn’t even made the link between you there and on DevianArt, good luck for this Visual Novel by the way!

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