A Blooming Violet [Visual Novel]

Hi there!

I’ve been thinking of making a short weight-gain-centric Visual Novel ever since I joined this site, and I finally started to lay out the groundwork.

The game will feature two girls, Violet and Rosa, you’ll be playing as Rosa and Violet will be your person of interest. They’ll have multiple stages of weight, and there’ll be a few different endings depending on what you choose throughout the game. The game will be set in a modern school setting, and the characters will be 18 years old.

The engine I’m going to use will be Visual Novel Maker, since I picked it up along with RPG Maker MV in a bundle from before.

That’s all for now, if you’ve got more questions please feel free to ask! I’m going to update this topic over time when I’ve done more progress, and might add more polls for you to vote on, so look out for that!

New as of 2019/06/19:

I’ve got some pictures of the girls to share with you!
Let’s start with Rosa:

Rosa will be the the girl that you play as, she’s an introverted gamer with a big heart.

Now for Violet:

Violet’s the girl that our character has set her eyes upon, she’s one of the more popular girls at school.

Now, I also decided that I’d share some more “spoilery” pictures along with the normal ones, below I will be posting the naked versions of Rosa and Violet, as well as 3 out of the 5 weight gain stages of Rosa, they’ll be under the spoiler tags if you want to look at them before the game is released!

Naked Spoilers
Weight Gain Spoilers

And that’s it for now, I’ll keep churning at the game to have it be out as soon as possible, I hope you liked the pictures!


I chose the female player for 1 reason, if the player is female, that could be an excuse to allow the player (if she is visual) to gain some weight, maybe if Violet is having a tough time with her gain, the player could choose to gain with her

Write it in the way you feel you can do best. Ultimately, the audience will appreciate a well-written and expressed PC than one that feels compromised by a forum popularity contest. I like the use of gender-neutral pronouns since they leave it to player imagination. having a choice between gender options is great and easier when the PC isn’t viewable but it does mean more writing & coding.

re: avakann - You don’t have to be female to be a mutual gainer (unless the author is only comfortable with female wg content, which is fair is true).

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Initially my plan was going to go with just a gender-neutral player character, because like @cheddar says, it’d be up the the players imagination of who you’re playing as.

However after giving it some thought, @avakann’s suggestion of having the player character gain weight along the way, I’m definitely leaning more towards a female character. As I’m just simply not interested in males gaining weight, and the poll leaning heavily towards wanting a female player character, I might just go with that.

That’s not a final decision for now though, if people want to chime in about gender neutral/male player character ideas that might make me change my mind, it’d be a good idea to do so now.

Thanks for the feedback!

I have never used visual novel maker, but couldn’t you have the player choose a gender at the start and then code the text with conditionals? Things like [heshe]?

I would assume so yes, but since I’m considering writing scenes for where the player character gains weight, I’d have to take into consideration that the player character might be male and change my writing accordingly to fit both sexes (strictly talking from a biological standpoint here).

And that might be fine, but I’ll have to think more about that as an option, and probably do some research into how getting fat as a dude would change things down below.

Edit: Also, since I’ve barely used the program, I’m not sure if the player themselves can say “I want to be [gender], and I want to be referred to as he/she/they” and have the game change all of those bits.

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personaly, i miss clicked, if the player gains weight as well then i think its better for it to be a female character otherwise maybe its smart to make it gender flexible, easier on the coding aswell? on that part im not really sure

I think it all depends on what you want to have with the end product and ultimately what you are comfortable with.

It’s your game so do what you want.

But I’d vote female.
And I’d also vote to have, or at least give the player the choice of, gaining weight along the way.

but perhaps going the “you” parth and letting peoples imaginations fill in the blanks, if that’s easier for you.

After giving it some more thought I’ve decided that I am going to simply make the player character female. After this discussion I’ve already come up with an ending that makes sense with the characters’ personalities, where the player character gains weight.

Hopefully the people who voted for the male/choosing gender option aren’t too disappointed, but you all seem like an understanding lot, so I thank you all for the feedback once again!


Small update!

I have finished laying out the story, and all of the branching paths and endings, there will be 5 4 different endings in total, where 3 of them will be major ones. I’ve also decided that I want to have sprites for the player character, who I’ve decided to name Rosa, she’s a character I created a while ago, and she just happened to fit in well with the story I was creating. Here’s what she looked like when I drew her almost a year ago, but I’m going to give her a bit of a redesign for this project.

Speaking of character designs, since I’ve solely focused on writing and planning out the games story, I’ve yet to actually draw or give Violet a proper visual design. So if you’d like to chime in on what you’d like to see in a girl you should do so now, the only things I know for certain is that she will be a fit pear shape, and have purple hair (to go with the theme of her name).

well this might be a bit of a funny thing, but why not incorporate a little bit of violet in her design (the actual colour) even if it’s something small like a hair pin, I just think it’d be fun to have a play on her name with her design

I quite like the hair pin idea, that’s pretty cute! (But after this suggestion every fiber of my being wants to go overboard and make JoJo-esque designs, curse you!)

Is this still beign worked on? This looks amazing so far.

Thank you!

And yes, it’s still being worked on, the character sprites for Rosa are completely finished, and I’m currently working on Violet’s sprites right now.

I’ll share how the both of them look when Violet’s in a presentable state!


Amazing! I’m sorry if I came across as impatient. I know these things can take time. I was just very hopeful, and wondering~

Best of luck!

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I can’t wait for the first demo!


Don’t think I’ll be making a demo version of the game since it’ll be rather short, but before the months end I will however post some character sprites of the two characters (pretty much finalized Violet’s design, just need to make the bigger sprites for her too)!

Also, that’s quite the familiar booty I spot there! :eyes::ok_hand:


Either way,I’m excited for the game.

Also,I’m glad you noticed.

I’m super excited to see progress in this! Can’t wait to see those sprites :grin:

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