A "Breeding facility"

I asked Maternal Reads this not long ago as his mod is the most resource intensive in terms of fetuses and babies. I like to think im not the only one who likes to push this game to its absolute limit in terms of pregnancy sizes. With MR’s mod I can manage 1,200 babies before the game grinds to a hault and crashes. With Dova’s I can manage something like 20,000, but it takes ages to process. Then you have to deal with all the babies which is easy with MR’s mod given it has a feature to do so after birth. With Dova’s I induce a glitch where they’re never materialized after birth.

So I asked MR if it’d be possible for some kind of resource friendly pregnancies where such large numbers can be achieved without crashing the app. A “breeding facility” of sorts where proxies can go and have a career out of their pregnancy with the babies being “given away” afterwards. MR had this to say about it "
As for fake babies it might be possible with babies that have no body and therefore no scripts to run"

How hard would it be to whip up something like that? Im pretty savvy with the games file structure and code, but only by reverse engineering other parts of FM. Ive been looking for these “bodies and scripts” and how they’re tied into pregnancy, but no luck. If I can just figure how to make “fake babies” then the rest is easy.

It doesn’t sound like it would be that hard to do honestly. It was take some kludging to get working i think, but i don’t have any reason to think it wouldn’t be possible.

I have my own stuff to work on, but there are a few ways i could see it being done.

You could create an effect (the FM data structure, not the noun) that gets applied at what ever building has the surrogacy contract.

I’d look into how the pregnancy implant works and work off of that.

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Thanks thats just what I needed.

I wish I know more about programming, but I can understand only very little. I think it would be great to have this breeding facility mod which would actually help some of us enjoying our proxies with their gravid belly roaming around without worrying it could crash the game.
BTW I’m really new here. Is this really a place where we can communicate rather directly. Pregchan quite confused me with anonymity. I can’t tell who works on what.
Anyway, thank’s Dohavocom for giving a thought about it.