A cautionary tale - remember to save your work!

Long time lurker, was about to put out the first version of a game I’d been working on before disaster struck. I’d had the Twine directory and the back-ups I’d made on the same drive and, after the drive fried itself, everything’s gone. ~40 000 words and three months of work in the digital toilet.

Save often, and to save to multiple places.


Not much of a backup if you save it on the same thing twice, I personally use a portable hard drive.

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I’m like REALLY paranoid with my stuff

I usually have like 3 or 4 folders with the same files as a backup. Some on drive, some on mega, and my hard drive is a mess. I basically do a backup every month and save it just in case I fuck something up and have to compare stuff

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In the immortal words of a masochist from Florida: “Always remember to save often.”

This hound unfortunately has already learned this lesson

I had worst I use to save ALL my work on a USB and then my dad step on it and I lost five years of art work so now I have like tons of backups and I backup my art work every weekend.

Just do what I do and have a tier on Patreon that has a whole archive of all the stuff you’ve made and include a folder inside the folder that contains the files for your game.
Twine games are basically open source anyway, so you can outright download your own game and continue coding on it.

My previous hard drive failed and so I had to get a new one, and while it was operational enough to pull files out of it, I couldn’t bring everything from it. Thankfully nothing much important, but it still was a lesson to always have a means of backing up your hard drives from time to time.