A Date with Sam (DEMO) - Visual Novel

Hello, I am TheYawningKraken, a small artist, YouTuber and now game dev. Enjoyer of chubs and chonks.

I wanted to make games for a long time and I finally found the perfect tool to make simple visual novels, using Twine 1.4.

Sam is a OC of mine. As I said I am a fairly small artist, but Sam grew quite popular among my followers. Originally, she was supposed to be a one time character, but now she is getting her own game!

This game is choice based, different choices mainly affecting Sam’s size and the lenght of different main paths.
The Demo has 2 main paths and 11 endings, 4 demo and 7 full endings, some being similiar. But can you find the BIGGEST ending?

The download is a .html file, double click to open in your browser. There is no save option yet, but I will add it in the future.

The Demo content is quite limited, visuals and writing will be improved over time, including all the demo content.

Please give me your feedback! Help me improve the game to make it the best I can make it! Also, English isn’t my mother tongue but I have been learning it since 2nd grade…


Just finished the game and honestly I thought it was great for an early demo. I had a very good time trying for all the endings lol. The only things I would definitely improve on is the dinner endings. I feel like the alternative endings got all the attention(But then again i’m confident this’ll be improved upon in later releases so no biggie). And the only other thing to improve upon is the images. Not so much the art itself because I actually really liked the art direction but more so the amount and detail. But all in all I can’t wait to see what this turns into!


Thanks for your feedback! The dinner endings are only demo endings, based on how much you let her order the dinner scene will be longer and have more or less stuffing. This was only the appetizer scene to show some belly growth. And when it comes to the art, I mainly want to add different arm poses and backgrounds, keeping it simple but not to simple. The full release will probably have hundreds of different images and I have to resize the all one by one. But certain scenes will have completely custom art, for example the really big ending from the demo will have its image replaced.

This is a good size for a demo. I want to see poses other than standing, front-on, and more elaboration in dinner! Maybe a path to really push the limits in teasing her, if that works for this character.

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I will add custom images to some scenes in the future, but I’ll mainly keep using the front facing view. In the end this game will have well over 100 images and more with the 3 additional planned story paths. But compared to the images in the demo, I will add more faces, arm poses and all images will have backgrounds. Exaples of images that will be replaced with cutom ones are the dress ripping in the restaurant, the belly rubs in the park and the biggest ending of the current demo.
After writing the “not call her” story I wasn’t really happy with the whole restaurant sequence anymore and will add more to each section. Especially the main character talking about Sam’s sudden appetite growth is something I should include.
And for teasing her, I feel like with Sam’s character that wouldn’t fit puplic places, but some of the other planned story paths might give an oppurtunity for that :wink:
Thanks a lot for your feedback!

This is a great start, and already has plenty of paths to explore and expand upon. The restaurant path is a bit lacking, especially since every path in there leads to the same outcome other than Sam being upset or not, but the other path is a lot better. The only other criticism I can think of that hasn’t already been mentioned is that some choices only lead to different responses from Sam, before both paths merge back together again, so it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. Not that every choice has to lead to a different outcome, but two choices merging immediately and giving the same options for progressing after just a different conversation lowers the stakes and makes the story feel a lot more linear

As a demo though, this is very promising and I look forward to seeing how this progresses!

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Yeah, after finishing the other path I wasn’t really happy with the restaurant path either, but I already had it demo-ready. I’ll probably rewrite it entirely. About the path merging, there aren’t even that much that merge but especially in the restaurant they have a similiar outcome. That’s mainly because the paths are unfinished, they actually split and not merge again after you let Sam order, but currently they play out very similiar. However, once the path is finished your decision will decide how big she gets and what her mood is, as well as some more special branches, like making her upset in the demo. And with the other path, it was supposed to be much shorter and something many players don’t see because they call Sam. As of now, I have 3 more date options planned: Arcade, Home and Swimming (devided in beach and pool). Almost every option except some basic dialogue is supposed to lead to an at least slightly different outcome, but sometimes I also used dialogue options as a chance to change images, so the player can’t see them while reading. Thank you very much for your feedback!

Small update on further development! I’ll be reworking the demo to put it on an even level with what I want the full game to be like, adding backgrounds, better dialogue and custom images! Already got some replacements for the big ending and dress scene. The first non demo will have the full restaurant part added and from there on out I’ll probably release new main paths one at a time and focus on working through feedback before beginning a new path.


Another quick update because I had a slight change of plan. I will release another demo with an improved restaurant path, but I decided to take the art one level further. I’ll still draw everything myself, so don’t expect Better-With-Salt quality visuals or something, but I decided to give ALL scenes custom images! Yes, some images will be the same with some slight differences like changing the face, but overall the images will represent what is actually happening in the scene instead of only showing Sam’s emotions and belly size.


Just don’t burn yourself if it’s too much work. Take care! :grin: