A digimon weight gain game

So, i was playing digimon rearise on my phone and it got me thinking, why has no one made a digimon weight gain game? So i’m here to express my details for it, and if anyone wants to do this idea with a few minor changes, feel free.

You play as a digimon tamer with your three partners (of your choice, specifically the female looking ones) and you got curious about how much they can stomach, and shenanigans ensue.

gameplay: you go around various places in the digital world, finding food for your partners to eat, depending on how much you find, they react differently and gain more as time goes on, however, the more they eat, the more food they’ll need to eat to gain more weight, some digimon however are more prone to gain faster, like floating ones.

Any thoughts on this would be great.


i love that idea how did no one elce think about that i will help yu make that game!

I appreciate the enthusiasm, but i know nothing about game maker so it’s new territory for me.

oh you can look up tutorials on youtube

i might so i can learn how to make the game.

yup and add me as an helper
if you make the game

i certainly will and plan to add a secret room where you can talk to the devs/helpers to gain passive boosts to the game.

yes do that and make it theres an password you need to enter to get in anf the hidden room should have op stuff

and whats you discord name?
mines ChickenKING #8228

mine is MercyPlayz#0605

that’s probably going to be how it works, and you can find clues by talking to your partners a lot.

do you see it?
yet in discord?

At least it’ll be better than those pics of the anime protagonists being TF’d into rubber toy balloons found on DeviantArt.

true, hence why i pitched it

And in hindsight, I think that was a good call, even though I’m not into furry WG, anthro or otherwise. That’s why I’m more into human WG.