A fallout idea

Hi everyone! Just want to share a idea for a game. So basically, it’s a fallout-style game where you are in the wasteland but you gain weight rapidly and you have to try to beat the game before you become immobile


There’s not much to go off of here.

Aside from just a vague “survive and beat the game still mobile” bit, there is no mention of a story, what or even a why this person is going out to the radiofative wastes in the first place.

Well … a potential story i can think of based of op’s idea could be something like the wastlander is sent by their vault to go retrieve something that is deep in the wastland, but as they progress in their mission, some radiation affects them poorly leading to a constant weight gain … eh, what do i know.

I mean, if someone wants to put out ideas, they’ve gotta put more effort into it than “I want a Naruto fan game where Hinata gets fat!”, as that just sounds more like a demand than an idea.

A proper ideaguy should do something like:
-A post-apocalyptic game where radiation makes people gain weight, so the player needs to avoid high-rad areas to not become too slow or grow to become an immobile blob, BUT weight also provides damage resistance, and some cold res in cooler climates, so being too skinny is a bad thing too.
-Along your trip, some factions view the radiation differently, as one faction believes in the purity of DNA and wont help you if you’re over 20% irradiated (maybe attacks if you’re irradiated enough?), a neutral faction that accepts you regardless of your radiation, and another faction straight-up worships the radiation like the Children of Atom from Fallout, and attack you on-sight if you’re below 20%, will irradiate you on purpose if you’re between 20-60%, and will be your friend from 60%+.
-The goal of the game is to reach an almost mythical, rumored location halfway across the country that’s supposed to have clean water and no radiation, but your choices across the game affect what happens when you get there, like if you’re chatting up the rumors to the faction that likes radiation enough, and you tell them all the info you get along the way, you’ll get there and find that they’ve already taken it over and there’s someone there who’s a 50’ blob of fat, surrounded by thirty 20’ blobs.
-Combat is simple, turn based RPG type stuff, nothing fancy. Your pic on the right, their pic on the left. Could be done in several of the RPG Maker engines for cheap, or even Ren’Py if the combat is simple enough.
-There’s a secret weapon in the game that just fires radiation at people and makes them swell up into blobs of fat, but it’s locked behind a questline with the CoA-clone faction.
-The art could be done via AI until the game’s almost complete, then art can be commissioned to replace it, depending on how much money the game’s development scrounges up via Patreon and Itch sales/donations.

Realtalk though, I’ll never understand why idea guys drop ideas randomly like this, just a “haha, wouldn’t it be funny if someone made Pokemon but with inflation???” What was the plan? Drop an idea down and some dev is like “oh wow, Pokemon… inflation? Why didn’t I think of that???” and rush to go make the project, then cut the ideaguy in for some of the profits as the game sells 500m on Steam?
Don’t mean to sound rude, but at the very least idea guys should put in more effort than just logging into a forum for the first time ever and plunking down a one-line demand.

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