A gacha Game but With Inflation

So i just came up with this idea of a gacha game like azur lane where the player is transported to a digital world where there is a corruption going on making the women the inflate and corrupting them to inflate themselves bigger and inflate others, so a group is formed to combat the inflation corruption. the characters will be inflated when they fight and so will the enemies, i could keep going on about the different ideas i have for this game but i dont wanna turn this into a multi paragraph rant.


your not the only one with this idea, it will just take a while for a game like this to be made and to be bad with some quality, and it would be better to have more then just one type of expansion. So there are things being tossed around in the background so maybe at some point you’ll see a game with this idea used.

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Closest I can think of right now is Food Frontline by FieryLion, but really, gacha is a genre that requires a huge playerbase to be online and competing against each other to get the best rolls, and the inflation fetish fanbase probably isn’t big (haha) enough to get a game like that to work