A game in making (Kuby and the chaos)

So i have been making a game since last year, i stopped the progress for a while, but now I feel like making the best i can to finish it and been wanting to make this since there are barely any games that contain furry content. So wish me good luck.

The game will be free


Good luck! I hope your game gets good feedback.

Good luck on your game making journey

These are some of the sprites i have now
2022-09-28-194314-Idle - slightly bloated reverse
2022-07-14-105407-Idle - slightly bloated
2022-09-28-194232-Idle reverse


Very cute sprites! Can’t wait to see how this turns out

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I will be happy to follow your progress if you publish it ;p

It’s so cute! Let’s wait to see what happens later, though… :smirk:

Super cute so is this going to be a platformer game or have you not decided entirely yet?

it is going to be a platformer game

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i had to do it

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