A game that involves fat [Inflation Update Out Now!]

Hello friends. I have returned on this sacred day to give you all a new Twine Game that definitely contains weight gain. Yes.

Without further adon’t, here is this game that does, in fact, contain a fat character.

A game that involves weight Inflation Update.zip (153.0 KB)

Previous Versions:
A game that involves weight it wasnt fixed.zip (152.3 KB)

Acquire much joy and pleasure from this game that does, in fact, without a shadow of a doubt, may possibly, just maybe, perchance, absolutely, definitely might have something to do with the WG community.

EDIT: Can’t have a Somchu Game without a broken initial release

EDIT: Can’t have a Somchu Game without a broken patch to the initial release

EDIT: Can’t have a Somchu Game without a broken patch to the patch to the initial release. Pain :slight_smile:

EDIT: No more patch edits from here on out. There’d be to many otherwise.


ohhhh, baby! Hype!! :eyes:

Javascript sections so long it makes Emacs on Linux lag just trying to line wrap it :eyes:. Actually nice work for being a work of less of a day! Happy April Fools to you too.


This is very swag. Feels less like an april fools prank, more so a prototype to the one last fantasy/sci-fi setting you havnt touched yet: Mericuh.
I await good tidings


Very well done, legitimately much better quality than most twine games of this type. You are railroaded in some ways due to how it is. But honestly the best twine game I’ve played in a long while which makes the time you made it in all the more impressive.

If it was updated so that you know what could increase or decrease it would effectively be a fully functional (if basic) game. Its already close enough that I would hesitate to call it an april fools thing as it is

it can be tough to end the day, it’d be nice if you could go to sleep at 50% energy and not just 0% energy, because after 50% energy you can’t walk anymore?

Given this is an April Fool’s gag game, I’m not sure how much of this is intentional or a potential bug. Anyway, after a couple days, the PC stopped eating. Every time I went to the kitchen, it would simply say “you aren’t hungry.”

She was eating so little and exercising so much, she was actually LOSING weight.

*shudders in revulsion *


Don’t worry, it’s fully intentional. This is a Weight Loss Game, the goal is to lose weight.

Happy April Fools


… I feel dirty having that on my hard drive, now.


Felt a fitting contrast to the ‘after 6 days, you can now eat 3 pizzas for lunch’ that is usually the case.


This game is the equivalent to the joker asking a fat fetish artist to do a weight loss comic. I can’t help but find this somewhat funny. Good April fools joke even though i’m kind of late to the bandwagon.


I return from the grave on this holiest of days to bring you all a brand new update to A game that involves fat: The Inflation Update!

The game now contains inflation. Enjoy.

A game that involves weight Inflation Update.zip (153.0 KB)


I see what you did. I specifically asked for this and I know what you did… I should’ve known better

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