a game where special abilities cost fat

so this is an rpg, the battles would probably be in darkest dungeon style, even having the corpse mechanic (more on that later) so your characters have basic attacks, but also have special abilities, healing, defense, damage, basically any common rpg spell, but the special abilities all cost fat, fat is the equivalent of mana in this game, the difference is there is no max and the more you have the more you become sluggish, less speed, less dodge, less accuracy, now how do you get fat you say? by eating corpses, the corpses in this game dont dissapear after battle, and you can have any of your party members eat them, most corpses would give 1 or 2 fat, 3 4 or 5 for the bigger ones, and a boss monster would have a whopping 10, corpses can be split between party members, so when you defeat a boss you dont have to have one of your party members become essentially useless, in general your characters become too fat to do much at 10 fat, when you get back from missions, your party members retain their fat, which you can spend on special items, the more basic items being bought with gold, most special items can be bought using fat from multiple characters, but some of the really good ones have to be bought with one characters fat, leading you to have to strategically pick a character to stuff to the point of uselessness, picking the one you will need the least, shops take a long time to refresh, but can be done so manually for a bit of gold, and i think thats it, if you have any more questions about this hypothetical game i will try to make an idea of what the answer would be

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Sounds pretty neat!

But what’s the general theme like? Are the monsters that you fight themed as different food, or are you straight up devouring the flesh of your enemies in a hardcore fashion?

Also, what would the sense of character progression be like? Is it just better items that give your characters extra stats, or perhaps there’s upgrades that will allow your characters to fight better at higher fat levels, or even have items that allow higher fat levels than what’s normally possible?

well i think the theme might be different for different areas, so i believe both could apply, and i think the items would have varied effects, better stats, more abilities, less fat penalty, and there is no max fat level, its just that characters become generally useless when fat is high enough. (though i might cap it at 99 or else there would be people who waste their time grinding fat to a level never meant to be reached)

Sounds interesting enough. So, basically Darkest Dungeons for game structure, or just battle?

yeah, i think the structure of the game would be similar to darkest dungeon.

if this game has a code name we have to name it Darkest Dinner


perfect name, too bad that i only know the concept of coding, only draw pixel art, and even then badly, and couldn’t actually do game design if my life depended on it.

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