A Glutton Goes To College (Put on Hold for an "unknown" amount of time)

(Since this will now be my second side project and since I plan to make it with the web version of twine instead of cyoa factory development on this game will not start until I’m done with my other twine game called “Weight is the key to love” but don’t worry this game isn’t and will never be cancelled.)

This game is heavily inspired by Sara goes to college, there will be male and female weight gain depending on one decision, there will also be optional furry WG content if you wish to have it (but it won’t just be furries there will also be any anthro character if you choose this option)

That’s all to discuss for the moment but as development goes on there will be more to share



Concept Preview (if you really wanna know what kind of character you can play as before the pre alpha 1 releases then enjoy this playable preview because that’s all this build is useful for atm)

(Check out the very top section on this topic to play)

The variety on characters shown in the concept preview build isn’t final so what you’ll see isn’t everything it’s just an almost complete taste of the character creator and default characters option

is it possible to get and Twine version of this game to play on our browsers?

( i get the feeling no has even played it at all yet and i want to give it a try but i do not have a mobile device other than a Ios)

Reread my topic cyoa factory can be downloaded on windows from itch.io

I’m not gonna be switching to twine it can be played on windows so just read the instructions to play

When the male character will be implemented?

umm it helps to link the game page itself not just the site dude… :sweat_smile:

Have patience it will come once development is further along

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The best I can do is link the itch.io page I will not show instructions since it’s so easy

Dude, that’s not really a good attitude to adopt when promoting your project.
The least you can do, at least if you want people to try your game, is provide instructions on how to download and play your game.
For instance, I have never seen this CYOA Factory thing and have no idea how to use it, and this is likely the case for many others (given that more than one person has asked about it or a twine version, which is easier to understand and manage).

Think about it, you want to try out a new game that someone made, but the link doesn’t take you to the game, rather to a software you’ve never seen before. Would you blindly download it?

Refusing to provide additional info and just saying “its so easy” doesn’t help anyone, not even you because reading this might make ppl go “oh ok so i wont even bother then, the dev doesnt care”. I mean this with no ill intent, just a heads up, because I am interested in this project but the lack of instructions or information + the unhelpful attitude is not doing it any favors.


downloaded the thing all I get is a message saying waiting for drivers. Anything to fix this?

But op did add instructions in the instillation process and where to find the weird engine I have never heard of before in the original post. I think there was just some weird miscommunication and phrasing, like when op mentioned that the best they could do is link the itch page, they didn’t in the comment, but added it to the original post. Just gotta give all sides the benefit of the doubt since we can’t really tell proper intention through text, ya know.

My apologies but yes you’re right I did include accurate instructions there may have been lack of links but that has been fixed

Okay understand something I can’t use twine because that’s a PC only engine and like I’ve said for the third time already “My PC is not in a good condition meaning I can’t risk losing my development progress”

So the OP links to cyoa factory, but uh, doesn’t link to their own itch page? so I have no idea where to find the game itself.

For the love of… I have already linked the engine to download scroll to the top and you’ll find the link to the itch.io page ugh

From what I can see from screenshots gamer, cyoa factory functions similar to quest in that you can publish games online through their software to their servers. You have to boot up cyoa factory and search for the game under the library tab using the search parameters mentions in the original post on this forum under “Instructions to play”


Same here, oh well, I give up.

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I did not say anything about Twine, dunno why you’re replying to me about that.
However, Twine isn’t a PC only engine from what I understand. The Inflation Plantation, for example, was made on twine and can be played in mobile (the file itself is an html so it should be fine in any device). And idk where the “for the third time” thing came from since you never mentioned any of the sort.
Regardless, it’s fine, you don’t have to develop something in Twine if you don’t want to.