A good story in a fetish game is it good?

Hi! I’ve been making games with RPG Maker MV for a while now, and I have ideas on how to implement the fetish in playable mechanics (in fact, I think this fetish is quite open when it comes to mechanics)

But another thing that I think, since at the end of the day if you make an RPG, the story is usually an important point.

In my games I try to make good stories, put context about why what happens happens. Make the story make sense within the fantasy shown.

But at the end of the day … it’s a game about a particular fetish. I have already seen users who do not care about that, and limit themselves to enjoying the fetish (I do not see it bad at all, each one enjoys the games as he wants). But I would like to know what you think. Do you think that in a fetish game, a good story is necessary?

A hug to all :slight_smile: (And sorry for my bad english XD)


A good story isn’t, one that works with the fetish is. The story doesn’t need to be fleshed out too much for an enjoyable fetish game, while it is preferable you do so, so long as it doesn’t get in the way of the fetish or the outright contradict it, the story can be as elaborate as you want it to be.


Clearly, the story has to revolve around the fetish. A story about, say, revenge, that has nothing to do with fetish except mechanics, would be a bit strange and poorly implemented.

Although you also have to worry about giving an evolution to the characters


I think the issue is less of a good story and more of good writing in general. After all, a bad plot can be saved if the reader is still interested in the moment to moment writing, but even great stories told poorly are going to bore or frustrate people. One thing that a lot of games drop the ball on in my opinion is pacing, where things come to a halt (or start at a halt) to start dumping a bunch of dialogue all at once before letting the player continue.


A lot of times, the story’s purpose in these games is not so much to stand on its own merits, but to contextualize the fetish content. Let’s stay within the domain of WG–the circumstances under which a character gets fat, and the reaction to that gain by the recipient and their peers, is a big part of the appeal in a lot of cases. Additionally, if the dialogue and prose feel natural, it’s easier to stay immersed, which is important when you’re just trying to focus on the in-universe happenings.

Good character development can also make it easier to get “interested” in a character by getting the player attached to them more easily. Getting a good sense of a character’s personality is, again, often part of what defines the fantasy, and it can only add to the impact of a given scene. Depending on what kind of scenario you prefer, gain can be more interesting when a character you’ve spent a lot of time with gets what they do/don’t deserve by gaining.


I believe that the characters must be made believable. Obviously it can be done, for example, the typical girl who eats a lot, gets fat and is beautiful and all that … but from my point of view, if it is only limited to that (also depending on the focus of the game, of course) it is not an interesting character. Or the typical character who is perfect, without failures or fears or anything. I do not know if I explain myself. I think you can make a character that attracts us because of the fetish, and that her personality makes us empathize with her and take affection for her

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I’ve played games where i either completely do not care about the plot, or its so good that the fetish content takes a backseat to the story. I think the best way to do this stuff is to make it so that the story compliments the fetish in a way that makes you want to go forward with the story.


Not a necessity
A person can make a bit of art with no story
But it makes it all the greater of there is one, drawn in by the content and still get it but still continue because you are genuinely involved in the story itself, to feel as they feel, to cry and laugh and scream and shriek alongside them, to feel as if you’ve known them like a good friend from a while back
After all to this hound all of reality itself is a story, all is fiction, all is real, and to those who say I’m crazy
In hindu or buddhism I remember not which it is said there 7 comprehensible hells and heavens in certain directions, past the 7 lie worlds so different we can scarcely comprehend
So if there are such in these directions then why can there not be many earths the farther from the original the more different they are from the travelers home
At the end of the day real and fictional are not states of being but simply put ‘here’ or 'there’s for to each is there own real and fake
So no it isn’t a necessity but can make a simple thing so much…
Pardon my rambling

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I think I understand you. I always try in my games to have a good story (or a decent one), since I believe that showing good characters within the entire fantasy of the fetish, makes it more enjoyable, beyond just the fetish

Honestly, I don’t think it’s necessary at all. Some of my personal favorites don’t have stories at all. I think what really matters is how you implement the fetish mechanics.

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I don’t think I can play a game where the writing is bad, but playing one where the story is barely there works. Of course that does not mean no writing, descriptions and dialogue, reactions and effects still need to be there.

Though it’s a lot more satisfying to play if it has an actual good story. Otherwise I’d maybe pick it up for only a short while and never play it again.


Certainly, the most important thing is the mechanics of the fetish (after all, it is a video game). Although I still believe that both can fit into the game.

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