A Growing Friendship

Hello all, this is my first attempt at creating a text adventure game (or any game for that matter) so it will be a little rough around the edges as I try to get more comfortable with the format.

The concept:

The story follows the main character Casey and two friends of hers. It will be split into chapters, each chapter will be contained in the duration of a relatively short time period. There are two types of chapters, the decision chapters where you can make choices that will impact which character/characters will gain weight (and how much) and the story chapters which will play out differently depending on the choices you made. Every decision chapter will be followed by a story chapter and every story chapter by a decision chapter. Different decisions will lead to different outcomes, mostly regarding each character’s weight, and based on their weight, characters will look different (obviously) but also act different, with different dialogue.


  • There might be spelling errors, missing words (I do this a lot unfortunately), bugs and maybe sequences that will soft-lock you. Bear with me and feel free to mention such problems so I can work to fix them.
  • Gameplay for the moment is very rudimentary. Maps are small (often single areas with only a few interactibles) and the choices are simple (who do you give this to). The main focus is the branching story but this might change eventually.
  • Certain story moments will cause characters to gain weight regardless of your choices. After all, some things are out of your control.
  • I don’t advise using a save editor. A lot of things are based on specific variables and combinations and changing them will probably lead to the game getting stuck. If you still want to try, then you do you.

In this version two chapters are available. A total of five different outcomes can be achieved in the first chapter and the second one shows the results of each of those. Feedback is welcome.

Pretty good game so far. I liked the characters you have. Now one thing I’d like is a way to choose how you wear your clothes like shorts. Being able to wear them unbuttoned or not could be interesting and lead to different dialog


I too enjoyed whats there so far. I left a comment on textadventures with my opinion.


That might be an interesting feature to add to future chapters for sure.

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I was only able to find 4 endings: Having one of the 3 girls eat all 3 donuts or dividing the donuts equally between them. I thought the 5th ending would just be for not letting anyone eat donuts, but the game wouldn’t let me leave unless I did. Also, it felt a bit weird that dividing the donuts equally would put Emily and the main character at their higher summer weights but not Beth.

Oh, and the shower in the other bathroom of the main character’s house throws an error message if you try to use it. Not sure if that’s related to the 5th ending or not.

The fifth ending has to do with trying to divide the donuts equally among just Beth and Emily. This might be a bit tricky I guess because you need to do it in a specific order but it was the only way for it make sense in the story.

Dividing equally changes the outcome because it’s the only scenario where Beth doesn’t eat her own donuts and shares them instead.

The shower is just bugged, will fix it but it’s not game-breaking so it’s not urgent.
Hope this helps.

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I like the basic premise here, but it definitely needs some more content to be a fully fleshed out game. I do like what is here though, it was pretty fun to play through the couple of paths, even if there wasn’t that much weight gain.

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Found a bag. If you decided to sunbath twice, you wont be able to swim and go further.


I tried to play the game but I just got this message

Pretty sure it’s the site having issues. Just tried it, along with other games, and the error stays consistent. Will be fixed on the server side soon I guess.

that error also seems to me

People on Windows computers can download the Quest engine for free (Quest for Windows - download free software to make text adventure games) and run the game locally by downloading it on the right of the page linked in the top post. It’s also way more stable and quicker than running it on the website. No support for Mac or Linux though unfortunately.

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Good writing! So far, not nearly enough choice to justify the quest format over a linear narrative. Why bother with all the this room, that room, pick up put down wear etc? Interested to see the next version.

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Fantastic beginning so far! I love the freedom you have in choosing who gains or who doesn’t. Can’t wait to see more!

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