A Heavy Influence: A Twine Subconscious Simulator

Hello, I’m internet weirdo CreatureFeep. You might remember me from such posts as “Cursed! A Twine CYOA” and the one you are reading right now. I’m here to tell you about an “exciting” new “game” that I have “carefully” constructed for this Gain Jam!

Alright, enough of the bad parody. After making my first game to mild success at the start of this year, I immediately set to work on my next project… which stalled out for mostly laziness reasons. But dammit I wanted to do the Gain Jam this year so here I am!

“A Heavy Influence” is my attempt at this year’s theme. In it, you take the role of Destiny’s subconscious desire for something fat in her life. Is it herself? A lover? Both? You (kind of) decide! Fight against random chance to steer Destiny to her proper… destiny (man I am just too funny!). Manipulate elements of her environment and thoughts to see how she ends up!

This is the short short version of what I originally had in mind when I started actually forming this idea. I currently have cut a whole scene, a whole character, and extra scenes/interactions with the existing ones. And that was supposed to be the reduced “Gain Jam Beta” version!

And despite trimming it all the way down there’s still something like 4000 words in this bad boy. I need to learn self edit.

Anyway, enough rambling. Play the game, let me know what you think! I’m hoping to find the time to flesh this one out a little more before the deadline, but if not I can feel confident in knowing that I made something I don’t totally despise.


Honestly, quite the fun little entry! I am having trouble figuring out how to get the 5th ending but the 4 that I managed were enjoyable to read! (Though perhaps I would have enjoyed an epilogue to each story? :smiley: ). I find that games like this are a little easy to skip content with, I missed a few lines of description by burning through the game as fast as possible on my playthroughs when things seemed to repeat I think. The only thing I can think of mechanically is it would be nice to be able to go back and actually read each entire ending scene from the endings found page. (Endings I found - Destiny feeds, gains for and mutually gains with Paulina, Destiny fattens Tanya — cant figure out how to get the last one lol)

Well done on making something enjoyable! Best of luck to you!

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I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I appreciate the feedback! If I hadn’t gotten a little bit busier than I had foreseen over the weekend (and maybe had burned myself out a little less getting V1 pushed out…) I had hoped to add some epilogues or sneak peeks after the “endings”. The “endings” I made were to put a nice bow on the game for the sake of the Jam, I actually have ideas/intentions for those to have only been approximate halfway points for the different pathways. Stay tuned, I might actually develop this little game a bit further in the coming weeks (no promises!).

As for getting all the endings, I can offer a little nuts-and-bolts explanation of the game for the curious:

So, there are a few Destiny-specific stats that you can affect during the game: her weight, her “resistance” (read: her willingness to follow her desires), her level of wanting to be a feeder, and her level of wanting to be a feedee. The way to get the ending you specifically are missing (Tanya feeds Destiny, it would appear) would require you to either have a low/almost non existent feeder level and a few points in feedee when on the date with Tanya, or, have a very low level of either (which would actually allow you to pick which one). A little tip, the easiest way to impact those levels pretty directly are to get your resistance down (most bakery activities do that well) and then spam the glitch option on the walk. Good luck!

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