A Hefty Totem's Introduction

Greetings Weight Gaming Community,

For some time now I’ve been watching many of the goings on here as a bystander, but recently made the decision to toss my ‘hat in the ring’ as an artist. I’ve enjoyed many of the games here, and always look forward to the Game Jams when they drop. When the Lo-Cal Jam was announced this year, I saw it as a perfect means to introduce myself. I’ve been working with a team to develop a small game based on the Jam prompt!

The inspiration for our game was based off ‘Toss the Turtle’ or ‘Burrito Bison’, older games that both feature the player launching characters and pushing them as far as they can go. For our game however, a ‘little’ bit more eating is involved. While I would really love to show you all the artwork I created for it right now, that would spoil some of the fun of the game. I do think you’ll like what you see so let these act as an appetizer (badumtish).

Level 1 Cannon

Level 3 Cannon

Level 2 Flying

Level 1 Faceplant

Gummy Walk

Development is taking longer than expected, but the GOOD news about it is how well the assets have been coming along, and we’ll be getting the project up and running shortly. I am planing and excited to work on many more games and artwork for our niche. I do have some other pieces to showcase but my portfolio of relevant artwork to show is a little shallow at the moment. Perhaps they might be just enticing enough for some of you to want to indulge in another bite.

Coraline Ender (DND Character)

Urva (DND Character)

Remastered SFRPG Game Sprites (for another project in the works)

Thanks for reading, cheers,

Hefty Totem


Not usually into anything not human-esque regarding this fetish, but I gotta say that that crocodile reminds me of Mz. Ruby from Sly Cooper. When I was a child I was intrigued and would search for images of her, but never found anything. This seems very promising in providing me with that dream though Hahha

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this game look pretty cool

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Welcome aboard with an awesome intro! I’ll look forward to playing your game when it’s ready! Since you have a project on the go, feel free to make a thread about it over in #projects to drum up some attention!