A Hero's Retirement 1.1: A New Look

AKA Baby’s First RPG Maker Game. So factor that in to your expectations.

Been lurking in this community for a while, joined earlier in the year, and wanted to give back in my own small way.

While not exactly ambitious like plenty of other projects on this site, A Hero’s Retirement is intended to be a simple, straightforward game with simple objectives, a few puzzles, (hopefully) witty dialog, and of course weight gain.

Feedback is welcome! Let me know about technical issues so my ignorant ass can ask google how to fix them! Tell me what works and what doesn’t from a gameplay perspective, so I may perhaps make a better game in the future!


Windows link:

Mac link:


And other minor changes. Was never really happy with how the Gated Community looked, so I changed it a bit. Fixed a few more potential bugs, like pushing that pillar from the wrong direction could’ve gotten someone merged with a pile of rubble. But dividing the map into smaller chunks was the big thing. Sorry it took me way longer than it should have, but things hit the fan the past few weeks.

Anyway! This should effectively be the final version, apart from a few tweaks as you guys find more bugs I inevitably missed/created. If you’ve been holding off on trying the game because of the frequently-reported map issues, now’s the time, because I can guarantee a marginally better playing experience.

As always, thank you all for your feedback and your time.


I’ll definitely play this, looks interesting.

Finally, the carrot farming simulator we were all waiting for!

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There is a game breaking bug on Elayne’s quest. When you give her the drinks, it will put you in a place you can’t leave from the bar no matter what…

Could you be more specific?

What’s the last line of dialog or character action before you get stuck, and where exactly in the bar is Yuu standing when he can’t leave?

The position does not matter all of them break it. The line is “back to that place, huh? I wonder what the catch is gonna be this time…”
The problem being that after “Hey, can’t run a good bar without loving the drinking part of it! … YADAYADA” you will be put to the right of her, where you can’t escape.
Fixing the cinematic or, removing 1 of the 4 consecutive holes will fix this.

After going into the incinerator the game keeps the visual overlay instead of resetting when you leave.

Thank you for your work.
I have a suggestion that you try not to make the map too large when it is not necessary. It will make the map seem empty, so that players may not find the game target easily, and it will also increase the workload of making the game.
If possible, try to make sure that different areas are represented by different maps, such as commercial streets, residential areas, slums, castles, rich areas, etc. This makes it easier for players to find the target.


I second Sino’s critique. This map is needlessly huge, and there’s a lot of empty space in it. It’s been really good, so far.

I’m so confused about the boxes puzzle it seems every way I move them I can’t seem to find the way to get to the wine-

You are both 100% correct, and I didn’t realize this until I was way too far ahead in the game.

Maggot’s Farm and the Forest were both part of the original town, too, but out of the way enough that I could snip them out without making too much of a mess. The Gated Community probably could have been moved to its own tiny map too, in retrospect.


Incinerator issue should be fixed, just forgot to turn off the tint when you exit the door.


Took out one of the holes as you suggested, no reason to block off the area behind the bar. You should be able to get out, but unless I’m missing something, you should be standing to the left of Elayne. Did she revert back to her original position in front of the storeroom door at some point?

Posted the new files to mediafire, hopefully the corrected download works. I am no mediafire wizard.

I got stuck in the “dive bar” after talking to the owner about the red wine (standing to her right). The game just hung and wouldn’t respond to any input, including ESC.

Ah, NOW I remember why I had those holes blocking that area off! So you wouldn’t get in Elayne’s way when she went behind the bar! The game froze because she’s trying to move through you. Fix one thing, break another, huh?


Okay, so uploading a super quick fix to mediafire since I have work soon and I’m a little short on sleep. Now there’s this magical spittoon that blocks the way early game that MAGICALLY disappears later on if anyone else has issues getting blocked in after delivering the drinks to Elayne.

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Keep those bug reports coming, everyone! Will be afk pretty soon here, but I’ll be taking a look at everything as soon as I can at night!

Yes! She was in front of the door at all times, that was the issue. Thanks for the fix, will be trying it now!

That is being a gamedev for you! hahaha

Decent first showing.
I ran into the incinerator bug mentioned earlier but I legit thought it was just the day going into ‘late day’.

Also, as has been mentioned, the map is a tad too big.
Outside that, it was a pretty enjoyable romp, a nice first showing.

Map is too big. Wandered around for five minutes finding nothing before getting bored and shutting it down.

Second attempt went slightly better, in that I found out where it just tells you what to do. Maybe mention that at the start so we dont have to wander for thousands of miles to do something that we have forgotten before we arrive?

played through the whole thing! It was pretty cute and also made me actually laugh a couple times. Nice work! Looking forward to whatever you do next :slight_smile: