a horror WG game

i had an idea for a horror game, involving a plague in which infected hosts would significantly expand and fatten up,
currently its still in its concept stage, but i’m gonna do it all in unity, using hopefully pyxel edit
its gonna be a top down isometric game with “extremely” light combat mechanics
im hell bent on geting the damn thing off the ground, if anyone has any tips
im all ears, thanks


HMMMMMMMMM intresting.

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Doesn’t sound like much of a horror game, most of the people here wanna see them fat lol :rofl:


But for real, sounds like a cool game

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ok i am down for this

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this sounds interesting, best of luck ’ v’

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Well other than the plague/infection scenario, what would be the horror element here? Do victims get hungry and eat people? Do they explode? Might wanna give it a bit more thought later down the line.

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I have a few suggestions to make so I’ll just do them all in one

  • Have “Health” and “Weight” be separate. A lot of WG games have them be one and the same, get too fat and your KOd, effectively being a reskinned version of a health bar (too much damage equals KO or death). Having the two be different could provide some interesting stuff. For example if your health bar is low, does fattening/eating up heal? Does having too fat apply a poison effect where you health bar drains over time? There are plenty of other ideas but it should give you an idea as to what you can do by keeping them seperate.
  • Having a plague as the only thing in a horror game would be very difficult. Viruses and bacteria are invisible and very rarely impact physical appearances in a noticeably terrifying way. Does the plague do anything else besides weight gain? Like DesperateCreator talked about; “What would be the horror element here? Do victims get hungry and eat people? Do they explode?” Having the plague be purely weight gain would be too little for scaring and perhaps some people would see it as an upside, this is a site for fat/weight gain lovers. There needs to be some other transfiguration(s) so that the plague is properly horror-material
  • Why is the character there is the first place? Are they trying to leave or getting in? If they’re going into the place, why are they not leaving when they find out about the plague?

While I can’t find it, there was a piece of literature of a weight gain illness that was plaguing the United Kingdom.
It mainly featured a significant politician speaking to a crowd of reporters, however through the questioning you learn of how this illness can turn normal everyday people to obese, insatiable people with a weird increase in strength and how they attack anything associated with fast food (not to destroy but to eat everything made by it). Maybe something like that could work?


That’s not a bad idea if I find the story I’ll look into it thanks

It’s like zombie survival (its bull shit difficult to tell people things without flatout giving the plot away)

Speaking from personal experience, weight gain virus’s are a LOT of fun.

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By some bloody miracle I flipping found it! A guy by the name Swahilimonkfish is currently doing a weight gain virus that is taking the world by storm (still concentrated in UK, but cases are being reported outside however) where those afflicted begin to follow his stories as a pathway to being fat fast.

Here is the story I referred to earlier: The Gluttony Virus by swahilimonkfish on DeviantArt

Here is the current story that he is working on now (first chapter, you don’t need to read the other stories but for references it will help to understand what the afflicted is talking about): How It Started - pt.1 by swahilimonkfish on DeviantArt

Hopefully it will inspire something, the idea is worth thinking of a concept for.


Hrm, maybe weight gain is only a byproduct of the virus. Perhaps the virus actually causes an increase in superhuman strength, however the use of it burns so many calories that it requires the victim to constantly eat, fueling their energy level so they’re nearly unstoppable


If you want i’ve made a small list of logs about what called “Adipocalypse”, but i’m not gonna talk about that. Here’s the log that could most likely fit what you think: Adipocalypse Log 13: G.CCO by reapier01 on DeviantArt

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