A idea for Fmaster. The Kat bunker mod

Here’s my idea for Fmaster.


You start off finding a crying girl at a beach saying she’s missing her sister and needs you to save her. So you accept her quest and head to the island where a bunker stands.


You made it to a beach where in the jungle you can see bunker she was talking about. The door is rusty and have plants going up the walls. You press the button for the door and enter into the bunker

What you may find in the bunker

You will find a group of crazy neko girls wandering around the place filling in the gap of cats you find in the forest to the nekos you find living with humans.

If you were to lose those those nekos you have a chance of becoming one and when you do you become a vanilla neko but you would have a curable decrease in Int.

If you were to be a neko you would attract the wolves, a race with the goal to breed with the nekos. This would lead to you becoming pregnant with your cat wolf hybrid.

Now you can find cures for your loss of int and a bottle filled with dna to allow you create a wolf baby if you want to stay human. This new race would look human but have wolf ears and a tail. if male they would have a bigger private area for their job. You also find other items that would cost a lot making up for the risk of becoming a dumb neko.


You hear talking where around the corner you find the sister. However she’s a neko so you have to stat check if you can knock her out our move out of the way. If not you will become a dumb neko. You can find the true cure for her or bring her with.


You bring the sister back to the mainland passing her to her sister. Her thanking you, and giving you a small amount of coins in return.


There’s a slight chance if shes neko that she could start a set of events around the city where you meet nekos. However they would start fighting at night acting like the ones you found in the bunker.

Bonus Quest

You could head to the hospital where you can give them the cure with some extra money to fund the reengineering of it. You would get the cure yourself and the sister. Also allow for you to turning off the chances of nekos appearing in the city.

Now, this was short as modders don’t have all day to mod. That’s why I thought of the nekos just being vanilla nekos but dumb. The modding would require.

A new wolf race.

The lab like items you can find in the bunker.

Two new Npcs.

Ways to get the true cure.

Ways of finding a basic cure for your loss of Int.

And the the bottle of wolf DNA that would allow for wolf babies instead of cat wolf hybrids.

Plus a series of events that would happen in the city and in the bunker.

This wouldn’t be modded by me, and this is meant for someone to pick up. I hope this brings new ideas to the table and keep modding alive. Thanks for reading.

Generally speaking you’re not going to find someone who is just going to pick up an idea of yours and make it. Unless you’re offering a service of value in exchange (money, art/code trade, et cetera).

Fetishmaster is actually very easy to mod and very easy to poke around it a bit with very little knowledge of coding. I’d recommend opening up the game in dev mode and taking a look at the insides of the game