A junky journey

I created a game I would like to share.

Short Form tutorial:
arrow keys - Punch into direction
W A S D - Walk
Tab - Fullscreen
R - Resets the game and lets you start from the beginning.

Download Link (v0.1.0): DELETED
Download Link (v0.1.1): DELETED
Download Link (v0.2.0): DELETED

Long Form Tutorial
Lena somehow landed in a weird land with lots of fatty food monsters. Avoid being hit!
Collect the star to level up and get to the next level.

Currently there are 4 Beta Levels. I will create more levels/edit these when I found an artist for this game.

NOTICE: I am searching for artists. I do not own these images - these images belong to their rightful owners.
Support/Feedback/Bug reports appreciated :smiley:

Art by @lindormdark
Game concept by me and the weightgaming community


yea i seen the sprite owner you got a good game going here

a suggestion would be to add a restart button

Restart button won’t be an issue. Will be added when I upload the next version!

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im a test run it
and see what bugs i can find

Did this happen after finishing the 4th level?

it did
happen after it

looking good waiting for the update

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I really like the concept of this game! There’s certainly a ton (pun?) of potential here! I would love to see this game improved. Think in the future we’ll be able to see her get even bigger maybe? Regardless if we do or don’t, it’s certainly a great concept!



if i may add this is from deviantart so in theory we need to find the creator of that sprite
you also used the gif frames and used that as the sprite


It’s definitely a fine start, though far too short, lol. Eagerly awaiting more.

i recommend at least linking back to the creator of those sprites so we can give credit where credit is due.

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“Avoid”? Where’s the fun in that?

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I guess this time it is something different to the other games you know.

Yes, I will search for them. I would prefer having a designer creating the sprites specially for this game. Then I would be on the safe site.
I plan creating new levels when I have my own designs for this game. Meanwhile I will only create new stuff like: new monsters, items or a story maybe.

Could you add the link for the images, so I do not have to search for the image? That would be awesome :slight_smile:

CasualObsessive User Profile | DeviantArt this is the lad who made the gifs.


Some updates:
new link: Dropbox - File Deleted

  1. Added ‘R’ (resets the game)
  2. Added Damage animation (so you can see which enemy you hit)
  3. Added a new monster
  4. Fixed a bug, which could make the character get stuck in trees/the border when gaining weight
  5. Fixed a bug, which pretended the player from moving when moving into 2 directions at the same time, one direction into a tree/the border.
  6. Removed the star in the 4th level, which made the game crash.
  • Edited in the original post

Added a PayPal E-Mail in the original post (PayPal.Me) for collecting donations. Donations will be effectively used to purchase art for the game.

So, something to note: you can go off screen, which makes getting around some enemies trivial. Likewise, some enemies are posted offscreen, so you can’t defeat them without going offscreen yourself.

ok so i have the link from the place where i found it