A junky journey

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If I’m reading the posts right, Sir doesn’t want the in game gif because he doesn’t own it.

He wants permission from an artist to use their work in his game or for someone to make art specifically for his game and the current images are just placeholders.

That’s correct…it’s a legal thing :confused:

I understand the need to escalate difficulty, but I think I need to clarify myself. Of the four levels in the game right now, every level except the first one is, in my opinion, unreasonably difficult and unfair. Sure, I could beat two of them, but I only did so in spite of taking numerous hits that I couldn’t do anything about. As a result, I spent the majority of my time with the demo not having fun.

If it makes little difference whether the player beats the demo or not, then why not make three challenging but fair levels and only one exceptionally hard level at the end?

I’ll rework the levels.

PS: All except the level with the many rockets are possible to pass without gaining any weight.

advice: You can hit through trees :wink:

Updates (v0.1.1):

  • Brand new Level
  • improvements in Level 5 (made it easier, so you can complete it before your belly starts growing)

Level 6 is a hardly possible level. Is some kind of “arcade” mode. Try removing all burgers and then try to move from left to right and count how often you could :wink: Summarizing Level 6 is not part of the gameplay. The whole gameplay will always stay possible, levels will become easier, if there are more levels.


Holidays started, tons of time for programming :slight_smile:

You’d think one would have LESS time during the holidays, because of family.

Anyone having ideas to expand the game?

upgrades? like can be more fat before game over?
or your attacks do more damage or hvae more range

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There’s a lot of potential for a fatty-themed twin-stick shooter type game, (does it count as a twin-stick shooter if you play it with arrow keys?) so I’ve got an idea or two.

  • I agree that upgrades as you progress would be a good idea to keep things interesting as you get further on. An idea I had was a system where you spend your gained weight on upgrades at the end of the level, or maybe after a set number - being fatter by the end gives you more to spend, but also brings you closer to a game over, so it’s a risk/reward system.

  • Or, maybe, upgrades could just be things you pick up in the levels, and your weight could have an effect in other ways. I love it when WG games change in a noticeable way as you, well, gain weight, so you’ve already got that implemented. I just think giving the fatter sizes advantages to go along with the disadvantages could be an interesting way to mix up the gameplay - you may want to stay thin to deal with faster enemies, but if getting fatter raised your attack strength or something, that may be the better option against enemies similarly slow enemies that are more durable.

  • I don’t want to be too harsh on the level design because I know it’ll be altered once you get original assets, but I’ve tried a number of times and levels 4 and 5 seem impossible to complete without taking damage (even if you’re 100% thin and moving at full speed). I believe skill-based games like this should always be doable without taking any hits, if you’re good enough. Taking a hit from a wall of projectiles that looks and feel unavoidable just isn’t very fun. Either more care needs to be taken with the level design in the future, or you could have an ability to deflect or nullify the missiles. It could be an interesting mechanic, and also make playing at higher levels of fat less of a death sentence because you already have a harder time dodging the projectiles as-is.

  • Also, one last thing, but only being able to shoot in 4 directions in a game like this is very… uncomfortable. If enemies like the cupcakes that chase you down have a full 360 degree range of movement, hitting them as they follow after you would be very awkward if you yourself could only shoot up, down, left, and right. I know you’re working with arrow keys in mind, so 8-directional shooting would suffice, or you could maybe implement aiming via mouse.

Wow, I wrote way more than I was expecting to! Sorry if I came off too harsh, but like I said, there’s lots of potential for a game like this, and I really think you could make something out of it. Also, I don’t want to be too bossy with my ideas – it’s your game after all – but I hope there was at least one thing you got an idea from.

Good luck with future development!

Spending weight on items will not be implemented, because you could kill all enemies on a map and then feed yourself with e.g. the rockets of the rocket-shooting monster.

I am going to implement new sizes for the character (in total about 30-40, I got a real good designer doing this for me :wink: @lindormdark). Upgrading weight makes no sense in real life, just in the game.
I am going to implement Coins/Cookies. The idea of Cookies would be, if you eat them, you gain a little weight, but you earn 1 Cookie, to spend in a store. The store makes it possible to loose gained weight and upgrades.
Because the game is a minigame for now and does not save any progress we will have to think about that (upgrades will be lost after restarting the game). Important to think about is, that weight is never going to reset after a level…

The levels were made to be nearly impossible. When I am ready to create the first full-version of the game, there will not be any levels like these.

I will think about implementing something like that. Maybe as an upgrade?

Thank you for that great review! It contains a lot of useful information and ideas for me!


Junky Journey v0.2.0

  • Added cookies to levels
  • cookies give you 100$ and make you gain a little weight
  • a small shop to test things opens after each level. During the level the shop cannot be accessed.

(Download Link added to original post)

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how has things been. been a while since we got any news

Is it possible to access this anymore?

I have canceled this project some time ago and started with a new game, because I do not like the engine I used for creating this game. I might take the concept and re-create the game in unity, but if then this will happen in the far future.

The dropbox where you could download the game was actually a private one I use for real things and sharing eith co-workers , but luckily nobody has noticed the game (me neither). I deleted it to make sure that this will not happen. I might upload the game on my MEGA again and make it accessible from there.

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Please do. It looks like it was an interesting game.

plus the crazy part this game got 150k views on youtube in two weeks and they wish they could download it and try it out

I want to play this game, but the file has been deleted, so I really want to play this game, can’t I?