"A Larger Scale" - A long Awaited Update

A Larger Scale was a side-project of mine, so any spare time I had i put into it. Due to unfortunate events however the games files are gone. Which means that if I still want to make this, I have to redo everything (Quite the task for 1 man ). But I did say I’d make a game so here we are again, struggling making “A Larger Scale” once more, but this time with a different mentallity. Honestly a better one.

With that out of the way I’m restarting the development of a mostly WG game with stuff like inflation. I have a basic Idea of an story that i don’t really wanna spoil atm. But the aim is to make Tuva, a girl you’ve met fatter (so original).

The artstyle is probably on the same level as before (I haven’t improved :stuck_out_tongue: ), so the images are still up (I will have to redo them tho). And as always, if you are an artist feel free to message me and i’d love to get to work with one of you.

This game is still like many other games not confirmed to ever become 100% finished so keep that in mind.

UPDATE: Seeing so many people excited for this game is a greater feeling than i could ever even imagine. I do appriciate all the support I’ve gotten by this community, and I do lurk in once in a while to see how things are going. This update however is not what many of you hoped, due to recent (and not so recent) cicumstanses I simply lack the motivation, and skill to finish this game to the quality and extent I want it to reach. I again appreciate all the kindness that has been shared here on the forum, and this is not a goodbye. More of a “going on break, be back in 15 minutes”. I don’t know when I will have the motivation to keep going, but if there are any collaberators willing to work with me i’d really appreciate it if you reached out. (I will get back to you ASAP). Collaborators such as:

  • Artists
  • Storywriters
  • Programmers

I still have a pretty well planned idea of what I want this game to be. I just need the help of you guys. Thank you for reading through all my whining and god bless.


Might be easier to suggest name ideas once we have more knowledge of the plot


Yeah I’ll describe it more thoroughly when I have a better understanding myself lol, you are correct though!

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Titles? I can do titles. I’ll aim for more vague titles, as there isnt exactly a plethora of information to pull from atm.

A growing burden, Weighing on my mind, A light at the end of this Funnel, Worth the Weight, The Potential for Growth, A Larger Scale, Taking the Rotund Route, Crossing that Gorge, A Straining Fate, Waddle a Mile in Their Shoes, Because what you Dish for, Too Much to Stomache.

More info would defo make it easier to cater for a more accurate title.


Pretty solid titles! I’ts my bad that I didn’t think about the lack of information about the story yet though. Hopefully more info soon to come!

No problem my good man, that was more a statement than an acuusation of anything. Hope your project proceeds well.

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I really like the name A Larger Scale so I’ll probably stick to that for a while, thank you @SquireAngel!

Also quick check in from me. I’ve started building on the story aswell as making new scenes and events. By the end of the month there will hopefully be a very early access demo to play (It will be F2P). No promises though on the release! :slight_smile:


Another game inspired by mine… i should be on commission :stuck_out_tongue:


What can I say? Your game is the best of the best!

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Definitely interested in more games being made in general

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well if you need any help with ideas send me a message :slight_smile: i got lots lol


Oooh you have a “hard and heavy trail” to follow
I mean tiggertoo is one of the best gamemakers on here. :thinking:Maybe i should make a tiggertoo #1 fan T-shirt (and wear it😜)

But from what i see so far youd make IT easier with using your artwork (or some other artist) instead of using the rendering from renpy (im no programmer but i hear tigger complaining about IT taking alot of time)

Maybe you could cocreate this game with An artist on/from deviantart. (I dont know if some of Them would do it for free though)

But keep IT up :+1::metal::sunglasses:

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Perhaps I should start selling t-shirts :stuck_out_tongue:

Renp’y isn’t used to create images. It’s simply a game engine that you can add images to. In my case, I use Daz studio, which is what takes so much time. An image in Daz can take several hours to render, depending on the complexity of the scene.


Yeah sorry

What he said points up

Luckily im not a programmer.

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