A little overwhelmed with the mods and options...

Look, I’ll be honest. Like the title suggests, the mod and all the addons/sub-mods are a little overwhelming, and I’m not sure where to begin. I did install it on another device to limited success, but found all kinds of problems here and there. Is there a installation guide or something I could reference that I might have accidentally glossed over?


I can say with absolute confidence. Just because people made addons for my mod. That does not mean you absolutely have to install every single one. If anything that can lead to issues or finding things you dislike about what one addon might bring to the table. Just try out Bigfatties by itself first. And if you’re dead set curious, take your time to read up what an addon does instead of trying to download every one of them.


Okay. Also, holy crap, aren’t you the mod author?

Slightly more important question: Will BF interfere with SexBound/LewdBound/LustBound in any way?

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Yes it will interfere.

Interfere as in CTD?

Not that severe, they just won’t work together.

Okay whew. Just checking. Thanks for the advice!