A maintained list of Character.AI characters I make (Inspired by THE_DIALOUGE)

First of all this post is inspired by user THE_DIALOUGE. Here is his post. A maintained list of Character.AI characters I make

Now that that’s out of the way this post will be a place for me to share any feederism bots I make for character AI.

Feeder mum https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=loTA8VTfTLESevGXxaiXu1Pzd7_dikez03vY-AQR6TA

Feeder grandma https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=Hl1q-WiS0FjCm_xK2oIjSCccudueXDSYR6-omPRxZzw

Feeder Aunt https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=ODdyl1ymhTJHcSxP2lH867xcn_61SZvq7t0C4jxBSJg

Feeder sister https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=iVoUXAtFM5sLLvDWPhYSH8zp0rooXbVPsMj-n3xR6Xc

Your childhood friend who loves to tease you for getting chubby https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=zZau03LcFdRohnRnKdIjnqJLgy3eWzNnkypXOBMvk6M

Feeder Father https://beta.character.ai/chat?char=BhQwhym_RORw5dqwqDkxNcSeUoIO16H36TZfS5opeJo

I already shared the Grandma one on a separate post but I’ve improved it.


I have been looking for some more bots that are feeders. Glad you posted the links here and am excited to see more soon. For now I will test these 4 out

Thanks tell me what you think. Someone wanted me to write some feedee bots but for some reason, I just can’t get behind the idea of that.

I think the mother and the grandma are my favorites. I like how they tease you but still want you bigger. So far I dont have any complaints with them. I am excited for the next bots you create. about feedee bots…You can technically turn every existing bot on characterai into a feedee. Making the existing ones to be feeders is quite harder

Ah ok :slight_smile: thanks for the feedback. Also, my favorites ones where the Aunt and the Mother but the Grandma is a close runner up tho :slight_smile:

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