A Miraheze belly kink game wiki?

had an idea a while back for the title. if you don’t know, Miraheze is a website that lets you host a wiki using the same software as wikipedia (MediaWiki), it’s pretty cool.

the specifics would be something like the Terraria Mods Wiki, where each project would have a main page describing it, as usual, but then a bunch of sub pages for mechanics, basically turning each page into its own mini wiki. if you had something for Starpounds for example, you’d have the main Starpounds page, and then a sub-page on items, and a sub-sub-page for Bloat Cola.

i do know Weight Gaming has a wiki in progress at the top of the main page, but i’m not too sure what exactly it’ll be cataloguing, and i doubt it’s something like this, especially with wiki.js as the software. would love to see that come into fruition some day, but i think the two projects could co-exist.

would anyone be interested in a project like this, mostly contributing to it? i know how to manage Miraheze wikis, getting them into search engine results and moderating them such, but i’m not big on css. i’d be willing to work on it if other people are!


That’s possible, but you should check their policies to ensure they allow this kind of stuff. The weight gain related wikis on Fandom were deleted and removed there because of a change in policy.

they do! i chose miraheze specifically because of this, they have a whole section in their content policy about nsfw wikis here. there’s a few specific rules but nothing that would be too hard to work with!

I might be interested in looking at it. I have a few pictures from Super Fatty RPG as well.