A mobile game I remember

Several months ago, I played this mobile game on an Android emulator where you had to play as this young adult girl and it was an idle game where she was doing some kind of mukbang, though she’d become fatter with every bite she took out of the food. You could “liposuction” her to earn enough money to not only increase the speed of her eating and how many calories she’d absorb from eating, but also by new foods with higher calorie amounts. It was similar to Feed the Fat, except it was in 3D, it was free to play with ads popping up every now and again, and an aesthetic detail was that nondescript passersby would eventually turn towards the girl and applaud her before resuming their walk. However, in October of last year, I accidentally smashed my old HP brand Windows 10 laptop and had to get it replaced by a newer HP brand Windows 11 laptop with a weaker graphics processor and lower storage space in time for Christmas, and unfortunately, whenever I ruin a computer (either accidentally or on purpose), I always reset it to factory default before giving it away to either my brother or, in the case of a very old Toshiba laptop that runs Windows 8.1 that I’m planning to get rid of, having it sold (by what method, I don’t know).

Anyway, I never really got the name of the game, but I know for a fact that it was Android-exclusive. Also, TL;DR: Sorry for the anecdote about my laptops past and present.

It (or something similar enough to be identical) was posted about in another thread about a month ago, here. It’s called Eat Master.


I think that may have been it.