A New Card Game Idea, But Its Not Just About Weight Gain

So, i have an idea for a new kinky card game, which includes a number of fetishes (which include Weight gain, muscular stuff, lactation, inflation, Hyper belly breasts and booties, and vore) But theres one issue with my progress with the game…

I can’t program such a vast project…

As of now, I do not have the skills to program a game of such a style, which is why i would like to ask around if there is any one out here in the community who could help me program the card game, or if it would be ok, program it with me as the director of it

The game itself is kind of a mish mash of mtg and yugioh

You have three deck types in a game, the extra deck, main deck, and side deck

Here’s an example of what a card would look like

All cards have a cost of some kind, whether it’s from 1 recourse type or another, and all the kinks are divided into different recourses.

There are action cards which have a cost, and could potentially require a character to be rested in order to use them.

I don’t have many cards to go off of right now, infact id be confident to say this idea is in its infancy, but i look forward to comments, support, and even more cards to add to the collection


reminders me when a friend of mine tried to make anime boobs the trading card game, looks good

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I have some history with programing card games in Unity. I also know some good Unity tutorials if youd like to learn, and I would be open to questions regarding learning. Message me if you want to talk more about it :slight_smile:

I’m… sceptical about unity, but im willing to give it a shot if its the only option

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If the skepticism is due to the recent controversy with the download payments and whatnot, that stuff wouldnt have any effect on a game of this scope. And even then, Unity heavily rolled back the worst of what was being added. Did you have any other engines in mind?

Not necessarily, i was mostly hoping to ask for help from anyone around, but consering they rolled back on stuff, i think i might lift my concerns of using it

Still, im not sure how big the scope of the game should be, i dont know if itshould be single, or multi-player either

If the game is made well it could be singleplayer or multiplayer, but making a multiplayer game is pretty rough since we have to worry about hosts and clients. Not to mention doing both would double the workload. I’d be down for either though as it seems like a fun challenge.

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I completely get that, making a multiplayer game compared to singke player is different, im sure. Even if the idea is tempting.

If theres one thing i feel us importaint, is that there should be a road map for the development of anything. If i would chose between them, i would prefer multiplayer before single player

Working on this project sounds scary… but it also is kind of exciting in a strange way

Looks like a really interesting concept, I’d be down to contribute in any way that I can to help this project see light.

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I appreciate the positivity in your hopes for this
Not sure what i could ask as of now, as its still mostly just being started in some form of concept

If y’all want to try to actually plan something like this out, message me your discords and I can set us up a group chat where we can discuss this better.

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