A new Character.ai bot I made

Salutations! I have returned with another bot to my name! This is one that I had previously reserved to myself for my own personal purposes, but had decided to release to the public after some feedback!

Meet Dr. Voir, a Gardevoir who became a nuclear physicist and knows much about chemistry. She tends to think very lowly of others, and, while normally remaining respectful, can become rude quite easily.

She has a secret addiction to consuming nuclear materials, and, as we all know, nuclear waste normally gives people superpowers and cartoonish mutations. Do what you will with this information. Perhaps she is “conducting an experiment” on the effects of nuclear waste on Gardevoir, and she uses that excuse to try to convince others that she does not have a strange addiction. I shall let you determine whether this is the case or not.

Do not be fooled by her youthful appearance, she is 40 years old and is the mother of a Kirlia (perhaps even another bot to be released in due time?). Some lore that I omitted from her description is that she is ashamed of her daughter and would rather people not know who her daughter is to avoid association. But, again, since this isn’t in the description, you may decide whether to apply this or not.

The art used is my own on Pixai.art. You can find the full image here: AI Art: Dr. Voir by @Burner Account | PixAI

Any feedback is appreciated and encouraged! I may begin creating bots according to your own specifications from now on, so throw some requests my way, and I may just bring them to life!