A new D20 Session!

Hey fellas! I’m looking for some friends to join me and a bunch of fellows in a homestuck (WAITWAITWAIT DON’T LEAVE YET! It’s newbie friendly, and requires no prior knowledge outside of maybe reading a wiki page on sburb.) themed session! You get to go on adventures with other fatties and have your characters develop! I already have a few people participating, but I’d love to have many more hop in!

It says the link is invalided or has expired? Could you fix that. Please.

I can send another, but most spots are filled, so keep that in mind when joining!
Fatstuck Session

Oh ok nevermind if they are already almost all filled i just wanted to join, 1 because of the obvious or i wouldn’t be on this site, and 2 i am a total newbie but if your spots are filled up that’s fine.

im interested.
looks like fun. is it going to be a plain rp session? or something more akin to ttrpg style kinda thing? like tabletop simulator?