A New life in the Fat Lane - A Joseph Earnwile V Adventure.


Alright, I have done a small technical feat and actually managed to recover all my files. More info here: Files found, and game is back "in development"! - A New Life in the Fat Lane - A Joseph Earnwile V Adventure. by WeirdoBeardo89

This game is back in development, but will undergo some changes to make it better. Check the devlog on itch.

The game, and more info about it, can be found here: A New Life in the Fat Lane - A Joseph Earnwile V Adventure. by WeirdoBeardo89

All my link: @weirdobeardo89 | Linktree

WeirdoBeardo89 out!


Hey! Interesting game you’ve got here. Some issues I noticed:

  1. Events that force the player out of a room are too abrupt – the scene is presented and the player is immediately transitioned to another room with no way to read it. This makes it difficult to figure out what just happened or what to do next. Perhaps there’s an issue with clearing text logs too aggressively?

  2. Likewise there’s a few topics that just force transition the player to another room for seemingly no reason, like talking to Stephanie about her favorite snacks.

  3. The trophy room is a point of no return, at the least when I tried to enter it. No navigation options were available. Stephanie was trying to work out at the time.

  4. Some states and flags do not appear to work as intended. Foe example, Asking Sarah about her weight when she enters the common room just results in her original dialogue. Given what happens if you feed her at this point I think you intended to have Sarah ask the player to feed her instead?

  5. Also involving Sarah, she locked herself in her room after stuffing her at work and is no longer accessible. I think you wanted the player to enter her room at this point, yeah? The room was locked before this point (“Sarah doesn’t want to be bothered” or something similar, even though she was at work) so that state may have just carried over.

  6. Likewise with Stephanie, feeding her once after the buffet sequence kicks the player out of her room with no way back in. (I may be misremembering this one but I remember there was something unexpected here)

  7. Liza implied she wanted pizza after first meeting her working out with Jennie, but did not accept anything I gave her from the pizzeria once she was in her bedroom. Apparently entire stuffed crust pizzas are not enough for her metabolism.

  8. Several dialogues attempted to show empty pictures. Are these improperly linked or just placeholders to be filled in later?

Beyond that, just having some logical consistency in dialogue might be good. I don’t remember when this came up but at one point I had fed one of the girls one or two things and the description mentioned plumping up significantly over the span of weeks… it had only been a minute since I first met her. I know you’re not going for realism here anyway :slight_smile:, but things like this do stand out.

TL;DR: definitely some game state problems, but nice start!


Thank you so much for some actual good feedback my man. You are very right in 95% of your assumptions.

I have gathered your feedback in my design document, and will try to rectify them in an orderly manner :slight_smile: Making text dissapear as you leave a room was a late addition I may not have fully considered the rammifications of.

Getting things playtested by friends and family with the topics of the game in mind is a no-go, I would guess for most of us here. Thanks for being the little white mize in the maze!
Weirdobeardo89 out.

Trophy room as planned should have been unlocked by the first time steph goes to the gym, and then stay open. I am guessing the path ends up locked for some reason. Will look into it.

Liza’s quest needs to be finished up I am afraid, should probably have mentioned this in game or given a small text to say her quest is under construction.


I had an issue when you give the third hotdog to chiyo in the plaza. It would cause the map to bug out and created issues talking to her thereafter.

Other then that, really enjoyed it!

Thank you my dude. Will look into the issue with Chi :slight_smile:

There are a few bugs but when I see them I just hit undo and go elsewhere… but uh… how do I pass time? It seems like certain npc’s aren’t accessible because they’re not available on the map… but it’s implied they exist at other times of day, but I haven’t seen the time of day ever change?

This game is very timey-wimey and makes no sense timing-wise unfortunatley. However: random chance may be your friend when you enter certain rooms. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

tempting maria (wine) leads to instantly warping down the stairs without seeing whatever message displayed, this may or may not have worked properly but without seeing the message response before being warped away it’s hard to tell.

> give Spiked Feeders Paradiso
You give Katja a good look-over. You can make her bigger than this, she is still too small to make a good meal.

How to progress this quest? I can’t find anything she’ll accept…

I am working on a fix for the message thing :slight_smile: will not guarantee a date for the relase.

I seem to be stuck with just about all the girls, stephanie said she wanted to party, but now she’s saying she’s on a diet in the common room. sarah and jennie haven’t opened their doors in a day or two…

liza has never accepted anything at all, and I can’t save due to bugs, otherwise though, great game! only a shame parts of it cannot be accessed :slight_smile:

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Loving this so far, haven’t played through it all because I got soft-locked in the trophy room and had to restart (yes I forgot undo was a thing) but there’s a surprising amount of content for an initial release. Found a couple more bugs that haven’t been mentioned:

  • A lot of Yui’s interactions are broken and either have no responses or lines of code written out
  • Max doesn’t have an image, not even a placeholder/failed to display icon that some others have
  • Stephen doesn’t have any response when you talk to him
  • Saving does work but is broken as soon as you enter Maria’s room, so you can’t save at all after that

Overall though this is a really solid start, I’d love to see how this progresses (or even how far it goes currently, I need to restart lol). Keep at it!


You guys are really great playtesters! I am so happy with the feedback so far. Keep it coming. Working on fixes and corrections as we speak :slight_smile:

Secondary characters should be easy enough to fill out, I will get ro it as soon as major issues are taken care of.

Save issues are taxing me a little, but I’ll find a solution sooner or later.

Happy to hear from you guys.
Best: WeirdoBeardo89

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Try some booze, it is incredible what some extra social lubricant may do for you

First things first, thank you for such a great game even if it has some flaws(it’s okay for a prototype). I even registred here to write this. However, can you post, how can I put it… A guide about prefrences of each girl? Yeah, you can get this information in game from other girls and objects, but some girls didn’t eat what they should eat. Maybe you can put it under the spoiler? Thank you in advance!


Hmm, maybe add a notebook with some notes on each girl in the players room, unlocked after meeting them the first time could be an idea… Will look into this :slight_smile:

Also: thank you for the feedback. If you find any particular items that should go but doesn’t, please report back, and I will do my best to implement them right or explain why it doesn’t go.

You are very right, this is definately a prototype, and written/coded/fixed by mostly just me after a long day as a school teacher. I will try and get it to a state where all is up and up, but it may take some time.

WeirdoBeardo89 out!

I played through this again, got further, got more stuck and found more bugs.

  • Turns out saving corrupts if you enter a lot of rooms, the only ones I’ve seen work are your bedroom and the common room.
  • The map is also very easy to break, at one point it stopped tracking which room I was in, then it overlaid every room on top of each other making it pretty useless.
  • Gabriella only has her first 2 images show, then after that they’re blank and feeding her the Cosy CafĂ© sandwiches gives this error: Error running script: Error compiling expression 'Gabriela Weight': Unknown object or variable 'Gabriela Weight'.
  • Imani might not accept any foods? Or I’m just blind and can’t find them.
  • The Beachfront has an upper-right direction on the map, but no way to access it (unless there is a room there that I haven’t unlocked, but the arrow shouldn’t be there anyway).
  • The characters in the town mention having favourite snacks but none of them have accepted any food, don’t know if that’s a bug or it’s just not added yet. Yui and Katja have the same snack message though.

Other than a few minor typos along the way that’s all I could find. Still a lot more content than I’d expect to start with, especially now that I’ve played through it properly. I like where this is going.

Again, thank you for valuable input :slight_smile:

I am onto the saving thing. Seems to be an issue with the names of some of the rooms. May have to change the code for the actual save-states to fix it.

If anyone out there has the same problems with the map please tell me. I try to reproduce this bug myself, but can’t quite reproduce it myself except when entering the beach. Will try and hotfix the beach exit to make this not be an issue.

Gabrielas code is unfortunately murky. I will try an focus on her code before the next update. Seems there is an issue with were i put an attribute…

You are right, for now Imani just kind floats there in eternity. Another girl that I need to finish up a questline for.

North-East should be accessible if you search the beach well enough… The exit should/should not be visible… Don’t know if I should leave it there as a clue that it should be able to access.

Town characters are not set up to be fed, so that question may not make a ton of sence… hmmm… may have to do something here :slight_smile:

Again, thank you for your time and for reporting back. Awesome!

WeirdoBeardo89 out.

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Would you happen to know if it’s possible to get the 5th Patty Princess toy? or how to activate sequences like the buffet and Stephanie or Sarah entering the common room?