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So, for a little backstory at least personally, back a long time ago, I initially only liked weight gain. I found things like vore abhorrent, and pretty much seeing a fat woman or man was enough to make me happy.

But as with all things, that changed. I began to like vore as a method of weight gain exclusively, then even just on its own. Then I began to like maws, etc.

Similarly, I’ve had a long progression with domination and submission aspects. Nowadays, it’s hard to even imagine having a bunch of fun without the aspects of a dominant feedee, predator, or something along those lines.

So the question I pose: Do you have necessary fetishes that are included with weight gain? Do you prefer a certain dynamic that makes things all the hotter for you? Included are some poll options just to give more of an idea of what I’m thinking of when I ask these, but obviously I’d love to see your unique takes on things and what your interests all are. Are you a dominant feedee, but can just be fine with a normal feederistic dynamic? Are you someone who loves vore, but it’s really optional? Do you love blueberries? Tell all!

  • I love domination and submission with my fats.
  • I love vore with my fats.
  • I don’t really need anything besides fat to be happy.
  • I love something else! (Please tell in the thread!)

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Pregnancy content is always welcome.


Vore and fat are almost separate kinks for me but I like them both a lot and when combined are of course powerful. (I am REALLY picky about vore though. Like freakishly so, I think)

Its kinda hard to make vore without some dom/sub-iness making it’s way into things and some of that makes it’s way into fats for me a little as well? I really don’t think that domination and submission are all that separable from sexuality generally, especially when more than one person is involved. Nearly everything can be usefully viewed through that lens, even though I would be among the first to tell you that BDSM isn’t everything. I even started out more or less abhorring BDSM, like you did with vore.

also fwiw I’ve always liked the vore that I like now, and still find most of it abhorrent. I have changed mmmmaybe a little over time? mostly in increasing comfort in what I have basically always enjoyed, coming to fully develop what vore is for me, and like. Knowing for sure that I REALLY want to be much fatter than I am currently irl.

To actually answer your question though, no I don’t think vore is really needed for me to like WG and the more directly related kinks. Mostly in my case because it’s actually possible to (and that I want to and when I can, do) indulge in them IRL. My real feeder relationships have permanently altered my ability to like. engage with some things online. There are a lot. A LOT a lot, of “encouragers” on the internet, and not a lot of actual feeders who will fully actually do the real thing with me. So it winds up being me, totally one sidedly RPing for someone else’s pleasure (witch it is worth mentioning, I don’t always hate doing), sitting at my desk, badly craving 2 whole medium pizzas to put in my real, extremely hungry body. And that, consequently, is why for the most part I have stopped engaging in feederism chat w/ people. So I guess in a sense, I DO have some needed kinks for me to enjoy WG talk and that is findom lmao. Pay up loser~ or whatever it is finsub people actually like idk.

(PS, fr though, finsub ppl hit me up. Want a girl who will legitimately eat you out of house and home if you let her? thats me)

Deep down, I always knew I liked vore, but recently I’ve been on a huge vore kick that sent me down a rabbit hold of finding and playing vore games. I’m not super into the aspects of vore that focus on the inside of a stomach, digestion, etc. but I’ve always loved giantess and mini giantess vore and of course, vore that results in weight gain.

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have you found any good games?

I have, I looked on eka’s portal and found these:


You could also look through this list to see if there’s anything else you want to try:

I personally always “head cannon” D/s stuff if it doesn’t have it. if I can’t really do it then I lose interest, so it is sort of a requirement. it helps that I both like dominant and submissive fatties depending on the mood I’m in

vore is something I don’t really get outside of a “eat much, get fat” type of way. when it starts to be like the main focus I get weirded out by it, but as a side thing it is fine

as for something else I really like is slob stuff but I feel like I wont be seeing a game with that that also fulfill my “game needs to be an actual game, not a book that you press buttons to advance” requirement unless I make it myself :​P

one thing that always bother me is when both parties aren’t into whatever kink is done or whatever in someway. like how am I supposed to project myself onto the character when they feel the complete opposite to me?


See, I’d say I have the inverse: I want my kinks to have wg in them. Regarding vore, I feel like wg is half the point. Eat your own body weight in meat, get fat, that’s how it goes. I feel cheated when there’s not wg. Same with hammerspace or giantess, why are you even bothering if there’s no big of she? Recently, I feel like vore’s been partly pushed aside in my kink repertoire anyway, like fat and preg are now competing for most of my attention and I find myself specifically wanting vore less and less, but that may just be my interests ebbing and flowing with time.

I kinda have similar thoughts on pregnancy. Your body is supposed to get bigger during the whole thing, and your doctor will even say as much. If I see progression art and the artist doesn’t make any additions to bust or hip size at all, or if there’s a postpartum pic and the subject looks the same as before, it’s a little disappointing. I think “MILF” and my next thought is “belly,” regardless of whether said MILF is still pregnant. And, of course, I’m starved for pregfat content proper as is, which is surprising to me because, like…pregnancy. Your belly gets bigger and you eat a lot. Obesity. You eat a lot and your belly gets bigger. I feel insane for not seeing more peeps getting the connection. Like, am I just trying to prove there is no Pepe Silvia here, or is there actually no Pepe Silvia?

As for dom/sub, I think it adds something, but it isn’t necessary, it’s an auxiliary thing that comes from a feeder/-ee dynamic or a breeding dynamic, which is necessarily about one side giving and the other receiving (unless both sides feed/breed each other. Not enough mutual impregnation yuri, but I’ve spent enough time on my soapbox.) Like, one side gives food/babies, the other gets food/babies and gets big, and one side demands this exchange while the other rolls with it or resigns herself to taking it.

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I personally am just here for the stuffing aspect. I prefer skinny characters stuffed which does make me a bit of an anomoly here

I’m mainly interested in fat people in the artwork. Though I also like permaberry content as well as when the person appears to fart or belch too.

I’ve never enjoyed vore. I think I understand why it appeals to some people, but I just have less than zero interest. If a game is tagged with it, I move on.

With regards to other things interacting with WG, I enjoy seeing (limited) health aspects. Not death or immobility, but it makes it more real when you see characters in games struggle with their weights. I just find it so much more appealing than living a normal life just bigger.

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I like domination and submission when a fat one is dominant to a thin one, and that’s almost never catered to

Only here for the weight gain.