a old idea of mine.

while this is an old idea of mine and since I have barely any programing know how i hope some one else can work with me on it.

the idea- your character is part of a newly formed planet colony your the leader for unknown reasons but are aloud to change any of the known plans of colony growth. unknown at the time all colonists including yourself have been inject with a odd set of nano-machines that make it so physical growth becomes a addiction in different ways based on the leaders preference. these preferences were chosen based on a quick QnA. in reality you were picked for your preference for different expansions and the machines will make sure your want happens to everyone even you.

game play ideas
-city style building (more building structures and town management)
-population change based on your fetishes (if i can get help i only want five major growths weight gain, muscle growth, inflation, macro, and mass pregnancy.)
-minor colony expansion (your the only colony on the planet but you need time and resources to grow.)
-scientific growth. (for both those who want certain changes like anthros and so on.)
-basic story (you do want to know why this colony exists and why you and these people where chosen.)

if you want to help to try to make this a thing please message me if you have any further ideas to make this better please post below.

Could use some working out, but it’s decent.

any ideas to make it better?

Well, maybe there could be a bit more detail when it comes to fetishes, like preferences with in it. And grammar. Please use better grammar. It’s slowly killing me by activating my OCD. And sorry for taking so long.