A pokemon wg visual novel

Thinking about making a visual novel in twine, tuesday JS, or renpy. Would have a route for a number of different pokemon. Curious if there’s interest in this, would love to get a coder on hand so I don’t need to learn to do it myself (if you join, I’ll gladly draw all sprites for a route or two of your choice/design/writing if you want.) but I don’t need it and will try to do it myself.

Any interest in me doing this or helping me do this? any pokemon you’d want to see?
attached are some example sprites, although these are the simple ones for the “basic” route intro, so they’re a bit lower effort than the ones for stuffing scenes and higher weights. Pokemon who live in “society” will be clothed as well.


A couple questions:

What scope of a project were you planning on?
What sort of mechanics would you ideally like to implement?
Is this meant to be a short one off or a longer thing?

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honestly, i’m hoping to see lucario

Scope: Broken into parts so it would be more manageable (and allowing me and any partners to bail with a complete game easily when/if we lose interest). not particularly complex in the decisions department, at most 2 branches per route and 1-2 bad endings. routes may be long and have a lot of drawings, but that’s mostly on me, and I can both write and draw quickly. Only really complex things would be adding a central “hub” page for all the routes, and a gallery for sprites encountered, and then some more minor things like saving and loading and the like.
Mechanics: Nothing that isn’t listed above, unless you count visual things, like sprites sliding in etc (which could be excluded in twine, if it isn’t possible).
One off vs. Longer thing: routes are functionally one off projects connected by a hubworld. Overall game would probably end up being a longer thing, but because of the way the game is set up, there’s not much commitment by anyone but me to stay on for the whole thing, nor could it exactly be called a “long thing” I think.

It does seem like RenPy probably is the best option for this project. I’d potentially be interested in helping, but if so I’d like to know there was a bit done on the writing end before I got started.

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sweet! i’ll let you know when i finish the writing for the first route. I’m real busy In the coming week, but ill get it done within 2 probably.

edit: also, if you wouldn’t mind dming me your discord for future contact i’d appreciate it.