A proper introduction from a purple cow

Howdy! I’ve actually been on here for some months now, but now I’ve gotten gutsy enough (haha) to properly introduce myself. Call me Zell! Or Crave, either one of the two. This is my scottish highland cow fursona. I am mostly into expansion, vore, and weight gain, and many number of other related kinks that really tickle my fancy! I’ve been having a blast checking out the fat kink game scene and I’ll do my best to give constructive feedback on games when I am free. I am not a game dev, but I am an artist! Im most familiar with digital, but I am also dabbling in pixel art/sprites (particularly inspired by all the RPG Maker games lol!) as well as writing kink scenarios. Someday I would like to make a Twine RPG! I do enjoy rambling on about an assortment of game dev topics/ kinks/ character design (or anything frankly), so if you ever wanna talk or ask me questions, please do so! (just no rp pls)

Thanks for reading, take care y’all!

-Zell Pamela

P.S. Is there an art category on this site? Or even just somewhere I could post my art? I’d love to share my work here!


the best place to post your art afaik would be the discord. Doesn’t seem like there’s a place for relevant art here, witch now that I go and look for it, does seem strange. Gonna talk w/ the mods there about it and I’ll get back to you with what they say.

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Awesome! Thanks for the help!

so, unless it’s fanart for a project the answer is no. The official discord (where I got this answer from) does have a pictures and links channel that people generally use to post art they like, and you’d be more than welcome there I think.