A quick question about Boundless. (about inviting to Donsair)

I’ve been playing it for a bit, and i was wondering, how do you get leupai (or other monsters) to your donsair? I’ve been getting several different items, and most of the monsters just lose their temper when i try to get them to my donsair.

it takes several factors to make creatures friendly. other Leupai I think will join if you are a leupai, and fynlings will if you are a fynling, etc. some creatures also have things you can bribe them with, though I don’t know what for most things, though several creatures like meat. experiment with submitting to certain things as well, Helenes will join you if you ask but will usually give you some effect first (bigger breasts, belly, etc.)

Which version are you playing? There are many versions of Roy’s boundless. In all versions that I’ve played, you always require having a ‘mound’ to collect donsair. Using a stasis shard allows you to convert anything in most versions, using a genesis shard conjures a friendly leupai that is guaranteed to be able be collected as donsair, and quaggies you hatch are able to be sent to your mound.

That’s neat, where do you get the stasis/genisis shards? most of my problems were trying to feed the quaggies i hatched though, that’s the hard part.

I believe that shards can be found extremely rarely in certain places underground and in dungeons. They are more common in caverns in the new engine 19, but the stasis can fail against mythosi in that version. If you are playing 4chins, I believe that the feeding system feels buggy. I’ve tried feeding quaggies before, might simply not work to increase their weight.

To be clear there are three totally different types of boundless: the old orginal version, 4chins( orginal with an other developer’s added content), and the new engine 19 beta(seems rebuilt from scratch).

Coudl you please send links/downloads to all three?

the original versions- http://archive.revix-multiverse.com/
4chins -Age Check
engine 19 is on revecroir.net, but only can be accessed with the sitemap.

revecroir.net has some hard to find(or floating) links like https://revecroir.net/leupai/.
On revix-multiverse.com, there should be a an article and generator calling belemere leupai something like mirazi, but I lost links to those when the miraplasm candy twitter was deleted.

For some reason, the websites direct to a error-like splash screen if a slashless link is used.