A real Minecraft weight-gain mod .o. (sort-of)

Technically a mod of a mod, but whatever.
Basically, you need a special version of Figura included in the modpack - at least until they upload the version that fixes chat commands to curseforge - and you need a special Figura model.

Spoilers ahead, the included Figura model pretty much can do this:


Your weight is tied to your health, and your health is uncapped (as long as your hunger is above a certain amount). The more health you have, the bigger funny slime woman Chloe gets.
It’s also more than just visuals too, thanks to Figura’s extremely confusing yet surprisingly simple API, the more pinkish Chloe is, the slower and more susceptible to fall damage you are, and the more cyan Chloe is, the more agile you are.
Gaining lots of weight, holding it, then quickly losing it = fast, think about it.
It’s all based on automatic commands though - and more specifically commands exclusive to certain mods included in the modpacks. Make sure to have those mods, and make sure to play with Cheats on at all times, else things will break.

And guess what? It’s basically done - well as done as I’m willing to do it at least. It probably has a few bugs and leftover useless code that I’m not gonna bother with - but guess what? It’s all just lua and blockbench, quite easy to learn and modify yourself. Turn this into your futa furry oc or whatever i don’t care, and if you find any bugs fix them yourself, leave me alone.

here is the woman

here are your options:

figura file alone, no mods or anything
chloe.zip (44.9 KB)
A curseforge modpack including all of the required mods and the figura itself
Chloe_Barebones.zip (4.0 MB)
My personal extremely buggy modpack (usually disabling distant horizons fixes any issues), figura included as always.
huehuehuehuehuehue.zip (4.1 MB)

If you're having trouble trying to modify this shit heres the resources I used to learn how to make this:

Home - Figura Wiki

Old wiki with outdated code: Home · Moonlight-MC/Figura Wiki · GitHub

If you’re still stuck ask someone that isn’t me because I’m gonna go back to playing Overwatch, bye.
If you manage to make something, feel free to share it here. If I’m still reading this ill probably quote it in OP


If the file size is small enough you could probably just put it in a zip file and share it directy on the forum post.


This looks interesting… what version is it for?

Thank you for sharing this!
Script is Extremly buggy through. But you left really helpfull comments in code, so i fixed it on my side.
Model is well made, and i really like it. I hope to see more content from you in a future!

the only real bug ive found is that you have to have cheats on.
and possibly that being wider doesnt make you have to use wider entrances.

Which (if the base mod that it’s based on is compatible/has hooks for it or the mod maker knows how and chooses to add them) can be remedied by using Pehkui, just look at the CustomPlayerModels pack someone released for example.

How do I download the mod to my Minecraft?

I’m afraid I’m not really the person to ask. My comment was originally refering to the original state of the OP.

  1. Download huehuehuehuehuehue.zip from the original post
  2. Download CurseForge and launch it (https://download.curseforge.com/)
  3. Choose Minecraft in the list of games on CurseForge
  4. Click “Create Custom Profile” on Minecraft and then click “import” at the top of the popup
  5. Import the huehuehue zip file

Once it’s loaded you should just have to launch it and all the mods should work. Make sure to make a new world with cheats enabled and then enable the Chloe model in the Figura settings (it’s a little button with a triangle in the pause menu).

If launching from the custom profile on CurseForge doesn’t work then you might have to repair the download with the three dots in the top right or reinstall Minecraft.


Thanks, Now I can play the mod

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Also, For what version is it?

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It’s an addon for another mod (Figura), so if it wasn’t for the fact that OP said it needs a special version of that mod that’s included, I would have assumed that it was for any version of Minecraft that Figura supports, similar to the Custom Player Models packs also found in this forum. I imagine if you download the file, the filename of the version of Figura will probably have the game version it requires as part of it.

What were the errors in the code if you don’t mind me asking? Do you have a fixed copy?

Just an update for those curious, the model does work with the current Figura version. You just have to go into the settings menu and turn on Chat Messages (it’s right at the bottom, in red text).

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