A (really) Shyguy wants to socialize!

Hello! I finally worked up the courage to finally introduce myself to this fine community. I observed these forums for quite sometime now and made a account a few months ago. I have a female expansion fetish(preferring weight gain) thanks to cartoons as a kid. From here on I will try to socialize a bit more, and try to point out more errors and constructive critique for the many games on this site.
P.S. I’ve been thinking of joining a few Discords for some mods and games. However I’m quite secretive of my fetish to friends and family (I have them on my discord friends list).Should I create a new account for these or stick with my current account?


I use the same account for everything. I haven’t had a problem yet, 'cause the only way someone you know would find out was if they joined the fetish discords you’re in lol

Ah thats good to know. I’ll see about joining some discords for a few mods and games I’ve been keeping an eye on. :slight_smile:

lol same, and the same thing, i actually run a fetish game discord, and so far so good, just gotta keep my laptop upstairs or tucked away in my room and mute the servers when i gotta bring it down

Yea I just bury my fetish servers in with my other ones and put my computer under lock and key, it can make you anxious sometimes but I haven’t been caught yet and I’ve been doing it for about a year or two now. As for files and pictures, it’s a little easier to conceal with hidden files and maybe just burying them in a file within a file within a file within another file.

I was always nervous about my friends and family finding about my lil secret but with some research about how discord works and your guy’s assurance makes me feel more relaxed. Thanks for the support!