A restaurant management game where you fatten the customers - based on Papa's games gameplay

I recently thought about how easy it would be to make a basic Papa’s game. The whole game is just the same process of making a meal with increasing options for each step, everything repeats. Then I thought how you could easily turn that game into a weight gain game with a fun way to make it engaging to play.

The game would look like a regular Papa’s game when it comes to the main gameplay mechanics. You’ll have to make meals with different steps with many options for each step, the options would be chosen by the customers. I’ve not yet decided what food would you be making.
The weight gain part would be decided by a few factors:
-A customer being a regular and often eating unhealthy food
-Secretly using fatter, tastier ingredients making people come more often
-Secretly using fattening ingredients making people not aware of how unhealthy the food is
-Secretly using appetite stimulants to make the person eat more in general
-Adding special offers, discounts, free meals to get people to buy more

This game would ideally have drawn characters in a semi realistic style. I’m going to try doing them myself, but if someone for some reason would want to help out then I might use those instead.
There would be a few characters with different personalities and body shapes - shy, competitive, fit, skinny, pear, apple, etc.

I might have forgotten some of the ideas I had, but this is mostly how it would look.
If you have any ideas/suggestions then feel free to comment them!


You had me at Papa’s game, I would love to see this

Loving the idea of manipulating the food the customers est and making it as unhealth as possible

I can see how that works like if some of the customers have foods they like one like Chocolates and you add a discounts to some of the food that have chocolate or make two for one deals I love the idea and can see so many thing that can happen.

Here’s a very early test of the papa’s game part. It’s really as simple as it can get, sprites are obviously just a placeholder, but this was made to see how hard would it be to make the basic mechanics.
I’ll soon be posting my first tries at drawing wg related art, I have some drawing experience in general so with some references it should look decent.


I had this project back on my mind, so the possibility of me actually making it is a bit higher.
This itch.io test which was above (it should no longer be working) was such a test of the game that it might’ve been off-putting for some.
I’m looking for a new game engine, I was using GDevelop before, but because I just found it as the first result on google.
The art will be drawn by me, unless someone offers to do it. I’m learning how to draw better so I will show the potential drawings later.
I will come back to this thread and announce when and if I ever start making the project for real.