A RWBY weight gain game visual novel?

Just posting this because i can’t code for shit. Kinda like the FGO weight gain visual novel, but with various RWBY girls. Not really much different.

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aren’t most of the rwby girls minors?

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I never watched the show, like, not even a clip. So i didn’t know and if i decide to take up this project for myself i’ll come up with some plot device to not have any minor related stuff involved at all.

Unless all your sexual/WG-fetish-related content involves characters who canonically aren’t minors (like Glynda Goodwitch, Professor Peach, Cinder, Salem (the latter two being villains), or all original characters, then you still run afoul of the law, is the problem. Even characters who are ‘canonically minors but aged up for the purposes of the project’ still count as minors.


ruby is the only minor in the show being under 18 as she was 15 at the start and being 16/17 now i think not sure havent kept up with it though

Depending on what country you’re in (which I think anyone making a RWBY-related project, regardless of their location, would be dealing with US law since it’s a US IP). Age of majority in the US/Canada is 18, and I don’t think Ruby is that much younger than the rest, maybe a year or so. Granted it’s been a while since I watched any episodes that address their actual ages (I don’t actually recall any that do), so I may be mistaken.

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ruby was 3 years younger then yang and she was 18 at the start i think not sure though as the story got so fucked up at one point and then went shit and then got better and became discount naruto


The line! “became discount naruto” got me doubling over in a laughing fit! XD


it’s so true at the start it was so different and refreshing and looked like it was going to deal with real world problems like true racism and then it became stupid put it on the back burner and then came back for a few episodes and never truly bothered with it again and then brought in eyes that can turn shit to stone with senjutsu chakra eyes

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If you didn’t watch the show why would you want to do a fan project?


Because i figured i would say something about it because no one else has or did. Just kinda felt like it i guess.

Forgive me, but I’m simply curious. What does the law say if a character is say 17, and then goes through a year long time skip, but they still look pretty much the same because it’s only been a year? This is just hypothetical, but I’m curious as to where the law stands on this owo

everyone but ruby is 18+, ruby is likely to be 18 some time next season depending on how much time is passed in it.

If the creators/IP holders canonically state that a character is a certain age then that’s what they are. No fan made or others events such as ageing up that are not done by the creators canonically matter. If time passes in the anime and it is stated by the creators that she’s 18 then it should be fine.

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and their parents are over 18+, then is a way to make the rest older then 18. you can change them by the years ahead. or you can change their ages and their names so copy rules ideas. those are my 2 ideas for that ones