A Self Indulgent Game (Twine game with 3d images) | probably abandoned for now

Been lurking here for quite a while without an account, finally made one to show this off. I’ve been working on this all day and I’m tired now, but I finally have a barebones Twine game.

NEW IN V0.11

  • Reorganized code! On the player’s end, this will be noticeable because there’ll be less empty space on every page where code is hidden. I am a spaghetti code chef
  • A few new areas, including an outside area with one simple NPC.
  • Removed the bath. May be added back later, it was going to be part of a mechanic that I decided to hold off on implementing.
    *Removed most code relating to aforementioned mechanic.
  • More images! I also reorganized the internal lists of images so that I can navigate them more easily.
  • Fullness now goes down when not eating or sleeping!
  • Hunger has actual effects beyond a simple description now. Now, if you’re incredibly hungry while in a room with food, you’ll be unable to leave until you eat. Hunger will also make your character prone to overeating even when you don’t force them to.
  • I also generally adjusted certain parts of eating mechanics.
    V0.11 Mega Link


  • Dumb sandbox game. Elements of both stuffing and transformation based weight gain.
  • Has simplistic 3d images, made in Blender with a blank humanoid model.
  • Not much to do in it yet except try to find the different flavortext and images I made for certain bodytypes.
  • Many bodytypes are missing flavortext and images.
  • Very little gameplay! Unbalanced gameplay! Gameplay that will probably break!
  • I still need to clean up some of the image files and code.
  • Made with SugarCube formatting.

V0.1 Mega Link


This is a nice foundation you have laid out. Looking forward to seeing future updates!

the images won’t load, maybe caused by the browser?

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Same as Spatznik, the images don’t display correctly in the web browser, and I’ve tried Chrome, Opera GX and Edge

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Yeah, I don’t believe that it’s got that many images yet. I think it’s got: Naked - Thin, Naked - Chubby (After drinking 1 WG potion), Clothed - Thin and Clothed - Chubby (After drinking 1 WG potion).

Above the image is a small description saying “Image and unique description not implemented yet, current image is not quite accurate” I’m guessing they’ll be more images and descriptions in later versions.

There are also more images if you were to ignore the potions and go into the next room to eat. Gives a lot more images for being full and fat.

(Image below of message and where to view it. Hope this helps.)

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that’s the thing though, for the descriptions that do have images, I get that little “broken photo” icon, and when I try to open in a separate tab it says that " ‘content’ links are blocked" on a ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND error code.

The image folder is right there and I haven’t messed with it or anything, i unzipped as-is, so I have no clue what else could be wrong.

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Ahh, okay, I see. Sorry, I misinterpreted what you meant.

Then I don’t really know what the issue is. I downloaded it fine on mine and it runs well, Opera GX for me. I don’t really know how to solve the issue unfortunately.

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Might be that I’m trying to do it on a phone browser like a peasant /j

Guess should work fine once I try it on my laptop at home, but if it doesn’t, I can always just enjoy the text

Yeah I tried to test it on mobile browser and all of the images broke.
Do you use an Android phone? I have one and I think the problem is that the phone is blocking the page from opening images as a security measure, but I have no clue how to disable it.

Anyways, I made some updates over the past few days, and I have a new version now. Check out the opening post for info and link.