A set of Weight Gain bots on Chub.ai

Hi! I’ve been visiting this site for close to a year and a half now but never actually made an account. So here’s my first project!

I know AI is a sensitive topic, and while I despise the use of AI generated art, animation, and voices, the use of fancy autocorrect doesn’t seem like too much. That being said, I made several chat bots on a website named chub.ai! I’ve got a few RPG’s, an unofficial recreation of Trials in Tainted Space (PLAY THE ORIGINAL) for AI, and even a couple character bots! Look me up with @TimeJumpingFox!

Here’s a link to my most popular one!

Now chub.ai does require a subscription, and this post is not to advertise that, but Chub is definitely the highest quality NSFW bot I’ve used! Have fun!


what the heck is chub.ai

an NSFW chat api that has no restrictions.

which ai bot is free, struggling getting a key

ok y’all, you gotta go to their discord server to get a reverse api key, it’ll pop up something about it if you try to check a reverse API link.

That is to say: it does not require a subscription to my knowledge! As long as you haven’t yet been banned from OpenAI, you can use a free API key they provide you in the server.