a short game I found interesting

This is from a small content creator, it is a 15-20 minute game (even quicker if your timing isnt as trash as mine) and relatively new so probably not many known of it yet
game link: Mangia! by Hexalto


Pretty fun, warning the bottom dog may sometimes vanish. Also it appears the timing on both the aunt and dogs are completely varied, at times I had to eat since they only came when she looked.

Very short and simple, but very enjoyable. What’s the largest bonus a person can get? So far, my max is +10.

Guess Atari didn’t need to remake it after all.

I’m probably guessing there is no limit, it’s just you can only get ten bonus levels by the end of it.
Another thing I didn’t realize is you can go up to three tiers with the pasta (1st has five, 2nd has three, 3rd has one), however if it goes beyond that then you get a game over but you’re taken to a different screen where the bonus levels are instead used to punish the Mc.

A fun game! Never had so much fun making a cute redhead explode.