A short Quest game

Be me
Sitting in my room angry because rpg maker sucks
get nostalgia
go play some of jerkajerk old games
decide to create a short, shitpost style game
actually goes down the developer rabbit hole
suppoused 30 minute games extends to 5 days
post here

So, yeah, I actually managed to create something nice in Quest. It’s a really short text game in which you stuff your girlfriend and then get the ending.
-Kind of bad writing because I’m a noob at this
-Different endings
-Secret ending that you should be ashamed if you get it
-Stuffing of course, it’s in the title.
-One or two memes


So, give it a try if you can, I don’t know.


Really does need some spellchecking, but otherwise short and sweet

Ouch, that hurts. English is not my native language, but I thought it was good enough. :disappointed:

If’n y’all want, I can go through the whole thing, find the spelling errors, and send you a PM with corrections. That sound like a good deal?

nah, i think I’ll just leave it like that. Thanks anyway.

can you maybe change it so that when you get the food you can buy as much as you want? i think that would be great

Sorry, but that is the final version of the game. I don’t plan changing it, I made it just because I wanted to share something here. Also, Quest variables can sometimes suck.

As far as I can tell, there’s only two endings to this game. Is there anymore then that? Just want to be certain I hit all my bases.


one where you feed her everything
one where you feed her some of the things
one where you feed her nothing.

Yes, there are only three endings. The one when you feed her nothing was only for catching all possible decisions fron the player and as a joke.

Has anyone ever seriously done that? I mean, let’s be honest, we’re not playing these games to help the feedee LOSE weight…

Yeah, but if not, the game would just end if by some reason you decided to don’t feed anything. I’ve done that kind of thing before (The Stanley Parable style) and I wanted to consider that posibility