A Simple Breakfast

Hello everyone, the maker of A Simple Tutorial here, if anyone remembers that one.
After that game, I now present my second game ever: A Simple Breakfast.

Another rpgmaker game, it focuses this time on Trixie from the previous game and a particularly stressful day at her house. The game again features primarily lots of eating and stuffing.

Just like last time, any feedback is appreciated, positive or negative. That includes any typos, bugs or glitches I missed.


i will have to test it out for you

Hello I just played your short game, I enjoy it so far, I liked the writting and how the stories progress.

I just have a few questions.

  1. Is there a way to unlock the demon? I couldn’t find one and I would like to know.
  2. Is there a bad ending? you know, the ones where the protagonist ends up beign force feed and the game ends.

Hopefully there are going to be more short games or possibly a long one, I like this character and how you made it.

Is it possible to finish the workout? I think I’ve tried every interactable object, but no luck.

@Kaldr I can answer the first question, yes, you can unlock the demon. For the second, I didn’t find a bad end, but I don’t know the full extent of the game.
@happytpr Yes, it is possible to finish the workout.

May I please ask where the book is for the password I have been looking for it for the past 2 hours.


Got Everything Done
First of all if you want the fridge you have to do all the chores as with the demon ending it teleports away, you do get cake though so yay! As for how? You start by cleaning the attic completely. After they will ask you to get a crystal for them (Which is located in the shed, the key gained by killing the mushrooms in the basement. After this the room should be directly up. The gem will be password locked, however the password is in the library on the shelf between two desks (or whatever the uninteractive parts are.) That and It’s volume 9, the date format to use is (MM/DD/YYYY) so the password will be 1114 or November 14th.) After this and receiving the gem will be a tough boss fight, but with enough training you should be able to defeat. (The obviously known) demon in the mirror.
As for bad ends I beleive there is a few for losing, but as for stuffing I do not believe so. Looking through the image files reveals no dice for any extra images and loss scenes result in the game over screen.
Edit 1:Forgot to add the first clue is the book in the bathroom doh…

How do you seduce the veggie man?
Where is the crystal?
How to unlock the fridge?
And how to unlock at the second floor the door with the two axes?
I have been looking for hours and clicking everywhere i cant find it :cry:

I don’t believe you have really clicked everywhere. Cause then you would have found the thing you need for the veggie man.
You dont unlock the fridge until the end of the game, that should have been obvious.
And if you havent even gotten the veggie man, then you wont get to the crystal or open Lawrences room.

There are two punching bags. You gotta interact with both.

  1. If you mean free with unlocking, then yeah. You need the crystal he mentioned, which you can find in another part of the house.
  2. No, sorry. There isnt an ending when you get a Game Over. I do consider the secret ending a sort-of bad ending though, but take from that what you will.

First you gotta find a book that gives a hint about what the password is.


It’s not in the library.

Then, you just gotta find out where said password is actually listed.

To seduce the plant man use thecwheat sack looking thing in the plant room. (In other words her little brother’s room.)
As for where the gem it’s in the shed above the garlic monster through the vines that you can destroy with the matches. (Another thing if you choose the hardest hitting choices in the training room you can TKO the plant buddy and bust a window

Also most of what has been said besides the experience room has been posted before by me.

looks fun, can’t wait :smiley:

I had a really fun time playing this! This was my first introduction to your characters but by the end I felt like I knew them really well, given how much flavor and backstory you packed in there (including the one who doesn’t physically appear at all)

I appreciated the way you made each fight a different challenge, with a few varied skills, and learning some of the boss’s attack patterns. Plus I can’t think of a time where I’ve had to rely on a passive healing skill with no items or burst healing in a party; that made for an interesting change of pace from a lot of RPG-maker games.

Of course I would’ve liked to see a little belly expansion throughout, because I’m impatient like that, but seeing the sheer volume of what Trixie was eating was great. I thought your descriptions were effective and the sound effects were on point. And I’m glad she got a proper meal at the very end.

I was waiting throughout the Abraxos fight for his inability to make croissants to come up, but it never did…I guess it’s not too surprising that Trixie wouldn’t remember she read about him when she couldn’t even get his name right. Still, an alternate dialogue tree if she requested a croissant as one of her wishes could have been a fun easter egg.

Would love to see a greater challenge gameplay wise, maybe have more food hidden around the map that players might miss on their first playthrough requiring more searching to find every last crumb. If the player was diligent enough and searched everywhere they could get Trixie almost completely stuffed before she even eats breakfast, resulting in extended dialog.
But honestly besides “more food” I don’t have much else to add, this game is very well polished and I like how you really got a lot of use out of the same map. It’s better to have smaller more meaningful maps than large ones with lots of empty space, and you did this quite well. Really loved this game. Also Trixie is adorable, but wow what an appetite, she’s going to eat her bros out of their home lol.

My dumbarse forgot to save and got a gameover

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