A Simple Introduction

Hello! I’m somewhat new to the community. I lurked for a few days (less than a week) before deciding to make an account and post some ideas and projects (mostly non-binary and male based, though sadly there isn’t a non-binary tag for my work)

Some info about me, I’m 18 (minimum age, yeah?), I’m non-binary, and my main engines at the moment are Scratch, Bingo (a Scratch 1.0 modification with built in to .exe functions) and Twine 2.0, as all are very simple and I am not very good at programming or learning, having a form of Autism and ADHD. I’m also asexual, so this isn’t really much of a kink for me, moreso me just liking fat, yknow?

I’m currently working on many projects, but the only one I’ve posted is Fatty Clicker (not the final name). I hope I will be able to post many more soon, if they get out of the idea stage.


Well welcome to the community Friend.

Happy to have you here with us! If you have any suggestions for what you think should be added to the site (like a new tag) feel free to make a topic in #forum:site-feedback!